But Michael Arntfield, a criminology professor at Western University, believes one person is behind all the incidents.

In the fall of 2006 the Citytv stations in Calgary and Edmonton started airing the Access TV Speaker's Corner Alberta as they were both owned by CHUM.

Speakers' Corner Alberta was cancelled in April 2008 due to changes in both companies.

Over the last year, Foster said, there have been at least eight incidents involving 17 dead animals, including a skinned and beheaded bunny found on the Western University campus, a mutilated cat found in a park, six dead coyotes — two of them headless and skinned — placed in a pose in three different locations, and seven dead snakes left in a strange pose.

A stabbed and partially skinned goose was dropped off at the humane society’s front door, she said.

“This is not a prank, it’s not mischief, it’s sexual, it’s predatory, it’s high risk and it’s criminal.” Arntfield, a former police officer, is confident that one of the incidents — the mutilated goose that was dropped off at the humane society — suggests the person has been to the humane society before.

Two years ago, Arntfield said he received a tip that someone was going to the London Humane Society claiming to be a rescuer and asking to adopt animals “with the sole purpose of torturing them and mutilating them.” Arntfield told police and the humane society and urged them to examine the adoption files. “This is a serial animal killer,” Arntfield said, calling it a clear case of zoosadism — being sadistic to an animal — with an underlying sexual component.

The Devil's Advocates, a comedy duo who presented themselves as devil-horned spokesmen for Satan, became a staple of the program with a recurring routine in which they responded to and satirized other Speakers' Corner clips that had aired in the previous week.

For part of their stint on the series, Harry, a senior citizen who disliked their style of comedy, would regularly record videos criticizing them, which turned into an ongoing war of words between him and the Advocates. An Alberta version, Speakers' Corner Alberta, aired on Access TV from October 2003 until April 2008.

A number of gruesome discoveries involving mutilated animals have prompted a southwestern Ontario humane society to warn pet owners about a possible serial animal killer on the loose.

Last week, police in London, Ont., responded to a report of a headless dog found on top of a recycling bin near a beer store.

Several local celebrities were created by the show.