While the auction business is our only business, we do much more than antiques and high end home furnishings!

Earl's Auction has multiple appraisers that are CAGA Certified to appraise your residential, commercial and industrial assets.

The fashion industry has short product life cycles, tremendous product variety, volatile and unpredictable demand, and long and inflexible supply processes.

Residential auctions: Our auctions sell upper end estates, guardianships, pre-owned furniture, tools, guns, artwork, collectibles, collections, new furniture, automobiles, and decorator items.

Our weekly and specialty auctions are held at our state of the art auction complex, which was designed exclusively for auctions.

These characteristics, a complex supply chain and wide availability of data make the industry a suitable avenue for efficient supply chain management practices.

The industry has also been in a transition over the last 20 years: significant consolidation in retail, majority of apparel manufacturing operations moving overseas and, more recently, increasing use of electronic commerce in retail and wholesale trade.

THE "JUNKY LOOK" TELLS CUSTOMERS YOU DON' T CARE ABOUT YOUR BUSINESS OR The categories to the left make it easy to shop on our site. Please contact us if you see something you would like to purchase so we can discuss shipping methods and costs.

On some items, like real estate, the seller has agreed to pay us a small percentage of the sale for the space and time his item occupied on our site and for acting as the broker who brought him a buyer.

This paper aims to review the current state of operations and recent trends across the fashion supply chain in the US.