I had Linda holding one hand and Kate holding my other. I don't really remember the awards and afterparty, except I clearly recall Helena Christensen slapping me in face. During that time and during my entire career at Elite, Linda helped me become better at my job.

And I'm still in touch with Linda to this day.

You really don't get much better or more beautiful (inside and out) than Linda.

Linda does not do social media." The Linda in question, the one talking about herself in the third person, is Linda Evangelista, the monumental '90s supermodel and fashion-industry rabble-rouser. That's when I wish I had Twitter," she says, flashing that high-fashion smile.

This was 1990—when rules weren't exactly often broken—and everyone was curious as to why Linda had gone "champagne blonde" and would be opening the show with her new do. With every step, look, or outfit, she had everyone's attention. The ultimate model.) Did I mention she could deliver a look that really killed?

Besides, Evangelista had already chopped her long brunette locks into the short boy cut given to her by superstar hairstylist Julien Farel. I'd argue she can make herself into basically The first time I remember seeing her at Elite, Evangelista wore an iconic pink Chanel wool suit. I loved that, even if I was a little nervous—maybe a tiny bit scared, too—upon meeting her for the first time. But the more we got to know each other, the less intimidating she was and the more funny (and friendly) she became.

I can't for the life of me remember what she played.

Probably because of the wine back then—or the loss of brain cells now." Of course, I also love when Evangelista is filmed on a So Ho street corner, whipping out her accordion and busting out a tune. So Linda really does know how to play the accordion, which is kind of incredible.Years ago, when she was dating Kyle Mac Lachlan and living part time in Los Angeles, I was visiting my brother in San Diego before we road-tripped up the coast to visit the couple and a few of their friends.After dinner and probably several bottles of wine, I asked Linda if she had her accordion in the house. I held it for just a minute, because that thing was fucking heavy.Then I asked her to play something, and she obliged.The name means "beautiful." She is Linda Evangelista. And as the bookings director of , where models and beauty are quite literally my job, it's tough to pick out favorites from the hundreds of women I've met, but Linda has always stood out.