Well known for its beautiful sexy women who have captured the Miss Colombia crown many times.In addition, Barranquilla is known for its Carnival, the largest one in Latin America after Brazil's, and proclaimed by UNESCO as one of the 28 "Masterpieces of the oral and intangible heritage of Humanity".

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Barranquilla is a safe city 100s of miles away from problem areas of the country and is very secure.

Barranquilla gave the world celebrities such as baseball player Edgar Renteria, pop star singer Shakira, and Hollywood actress Sofia Vergara.

Hola everyone, I just returned from my Barranquilla tour, and if I had to put it into one word INCREDIBLE!

Yami and the entire staff could not have been more helpful with anything we needed. I came to Barranquilla wondering if this was really true.

They are glamorous, but at the same time, kind, and they know how to make a guy feel special.

Barranquilla women are the friendliest you could hope to meet and you will have their complete and undivided attention and interest when you attend the socials.

It is also known as the Golden Gate of Colombia for being a pioneer in industry and commercialization.

Barranquilla was the first port in Colombia, located where the Magdalena River meets the Atlantic Ocean, and also opened the first Airport in South America named Ernesto Cortizzos International Airport.

You will be welcomed at the airport by our Barranquilla staff.