Following the shooting, police raided Paddock's home in a retirement community in Mesquite, Nevada, where he lived with Danley.They found 18 additional firearms, the explosive Tannerite - which is used to make explosive targets for target practice - and several thousand rounds of ammunition, Clark County Sheriff Joe Lombardo said.They no longer believe she had anything to do with the massacre, but plan to interview when she returns to the US.

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Paddock had rented a large, two room suite on the 32nd floor of the Mandalay Bay hotel, smashing windows in both rooms in order to fire on the fleeing crowds.

In the room, police found guns - with two on tripods, and some with scopes.

This is according to documents that the casinos are required to maintain for 'each transaction in currency involving cash-in and cash-out of more than $10,000 in a gaming day.'It's unclear if Paddock won or lost a great amount.

His brother Eric says that his brother was a multimillionaire who made most of his fortune through real estate. In an interview with Daily, Eric said that something must have happened to his brother to make him snap.'He was just a guy.

They used explosives to blow the door off his room, but by then it was too late - Paddock had shot himself dead.

It's unclear how long after he first started shooting that Paddock committed suicide.What will likely raise suspicions is Paddock's excessive gambling in recent weeks.Multiple senior law enforcement officials and a casino executive who spoke with NBC News said that Paddock had gambled amounts greater than ,000 or ,000 on multiple occasions in the past week weeks.Headliner Jason Aldean was in the middle of his set just after 10pm when a rumble of gunfire rang out, the sounds of screams and stampeding humans cutting through the country music.It took police an hour and 12 minutes from the first 911 call to locate Paddock in the building and break into his room.Inside the room they found an arsenal of firearms and a large cache of ammunition.