As prescrlbed below: in red, whlta and blue stripe Blue Strlpe CAP Merlt Dnblems Trlangular rlbbon, 1/2" sldes ln colors of red, white, or Red Eablem ( Commendation) (u) whlte left pocket of shirt, blouse, or jacket. Varying degrees ss prescrlbed below: For exceptlonal p€rforr Bnce contributory to plannlng or executlon As above. lng study guldo for a valld Anateur Llccnsc (condltlonal or htgher) or posscss a valld Colurercial Licensc (second class or hlgher). Rlbbons not authorlzed ln the revlsed regu Jatlon mtrst be rerrnoved fron the uniforrn no later than I January L97L. Rlbbons ln the 1967 llst lncluded: Curry and Ercampnent for cadets, and SILver Service for Soniors.

Takes precedence after CAP Meri-t 250 worklng hours and 1 year enl Lstment. (Ihe Comun Lcatlons Servlce R:lbbon was not authorlzd ln the revlsed regulatlon. Bear in mind that not all rlbbons Ilsted were worn by any one lndlvldual. aad Jul , 15, (worn precedence) Stlver Medal of Valor Rtbbon Bronze Medal of Valor Ribbon Dlsttngutshed Servlce Ari,ard Ribbon Exceptional Servlce Award Rlbbon Merttorious Servlce Award Rtbbon Untt Cttatlon Award Rtbbon Spectal Award Rlbbon Natlonal Commander,a Cltatlon Rtbbon Gltl Robb Wllson Award Rlbbon Aeroopace Award Rlbbon Leaderehtp Award Rlbbon CAP ECI Award Rlbbon Cep Memberap D Awerd Rtbbon Certlftcate of Proflclency Rtbbon* Sllver Service Rtbbon Blue Seryice Rlbbon Whtte Servlce Rlbbon Red Servtce Rlbbon ECI Tralnln8 Ribbon** Falcon Award Rtbbon earned whlle a cadet Spaatz Award Blbbon earned whlle a cadet Earhart Award Rlbbon earned whlle a cadet Mltchell Award Rlbbon earned whtle a cadet One Actlvlty Rlbbon earned whlle a cadet Internatlonal Exchange Rlbbon Jet Orlenlatlon Courae Rtbbon Aerospace Age Orlentatlon Rlbbon Federal nditton Agency Orlentatlon Course Rlbbon Space Age Ortentatlon Courge Rlbbon Encampment Ribbon Internatlonal Drlll Ribbon.. mllitary rlbbons and ROIf, rlbbons were no longer authorized for wear. Approvcd rrlng ahouldcr ptchcs bc E)rn on G-he1f lnch bclsr thc shouldcr rcatr of thc lsfb alccvc of thc Change coat, Jackct, shlrt, (rtrcn yorn er outcr garmcnt), ovtrcoat or topcoat. Flrst ln Patchca, Ttrc l{lddlc Eeat Rcglon rcccntly edoptcd e shouldcr patch, thc ftrst petch cver to bc uccd ln a rcglon.

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30-6, .lattonal Executive Board approved the dlscontinuance of the Arry type unlforra after that datc at lts Septcarbcr mcetlng. the old-stylo CAP fllght cap for fmla pcnaorurel 1s no longcr author Lzsd for lr6ar. re unlforrn headgear ls ths Wlf f Ught cap or the frame hat. re lbtlonal Bcccutlve Board passod a resolut Lon on l. hrchase of sllver-tan unlforru 1s at thc dlacrctlon of the lrdtvldnal ssnlor ncnber. rt conslsts of the follortng couponcni-parls: (a) (b) (") (d) (") (f) (e) cotton, blue. (t) When carrylng out noranal routine ag a CAP nernber rlthln a unit or when attendlng routlne meetings of the un1t. Unlform Chang6s" Tho iollorrlng reprcient chenges vhlch w LLL a Ppear ln the next publlshed rsvtsion of c Ap Reg l J_8, "unlfom for c AP sonior Menbsrs". Ir responsc to several queries the new Alr Mess Dress rrntform ls not authorlzed for wear bry CAP tnembers. The Jacket, being tested between nor and July 1, 1960, ls of p Jaln Navy blue cotton pop Iln, or a elmfilar llghtrrelght mtorlal, cclf-cuffed, nlth a zlpper front, t? Clothlng Sales Store Items" N015S follorrlng llstlng of l"tens of mle distinctlvc unlform authorlzed to CAP personnel: Shirt, Poplln, rri-Ll be ruppllod unt IL odraustsd, at wtrlch tlze Shlrt and t? Sult, HBT, supply untl L o:drausted, then ut Shlrt and housors Sage Oreen or Shlrt and lboueera, OG 10r/. rccrortl,onal actlvlttcr, ln llgtr of authorizod scrvlcc untforms descrlbed 1n thta mnrl, 1111 bc ec prcacrtbcd by vlng corrsndcra or by ecrrnqndcra to rhon thcy hevu dclcgrtcd th La ruthorlty. the Clvll Alr Patrol breast patch ls mardatory ard y111 be rrorn above the rlght breast pockct of t,he coat, Jacket ard shlrt wilen wprn as an outer garment by all 4. Ctvi L Air Patrol Inslgnla - Fage 46 Wee Ic Iy Bulletln No. Clvi L Atr Patrol fnclgrrla - Fagc 49 cap (malo) and WAF fltght eap (fcml"c). i ,{.;;'i l-=J WATIANT orfrctt (trtvtl co(or gfr^l A' TO lv---! l Competitlon rlbbon and the Interrnatlonal E:cehange rlbbon, are nor, 1n pnoduction and anal Lablo through a cotmerclal source. rich shovod lnslgnla of grade on both s Ldes of ;hs sel]er was lator correctod, as lndlcated be Iow. ro have paescd that part of Nattonal Enmlnatlon Tegt A or-B-portalnlng to any L[ urdts of Yo I I, Book f I, Aviatlon Stu{y l{anua I. t{hen ribbong erd,/or a CAP avlatton badge are lrorn, thc lnatgnla ytll be ccntcrod Llz lnch above then.

for fenale senlor ncnbcrc of fi P to reer the su, Etrer sllver-tan (shade I93) udforrtlo Ttrls ls an optloml untforur and 1s not to be con- strued as replaclng or allnlrratlng thc aumcr cotton cord. re flald unlforn ls authorlzed for flytng, fleld type duty, recroatlon. (ffrfng sults nay be worn in on-loan alrcraft), (3) At any natlonal defenso lnstallation when the lndtvldtral ls actlng in the capaclty of a CAF membsr. Delarare Wlng senlor monbors and cadets may roar the new Jacket and the CAP emblen wtth clrr{llan, fatlgue and flylng clothlng, ltre Jacket my be vorrn wtth the w'lnter or sunmor shirt and tr^ouaer unlfonn conblnatton by cadets only. Rocent dlstrlbutlon of a letter, sub Ject 'r Supply and Wear of the Unlform hbmen Msmbers CAPr'r rlth attachmentg 1 and 2, rras r Bde to all reglons and wlnga" Attachments l and 2 tndlcated the ae J-llrrg prtce as Flscal Year 1960--thls should be changed to Plscsl Iear 1951, Weeldy Bulletln No. Elylrrg, P[c]d, and Rocroattonal Clothlng, lhe type of c Lothlng to bc rprn rhl J.e flylng, pcrforulng flcld duty, or engag Lng ln or6an! Ihls unlform ts worn ln thc rutmcr and only rhcn dutics lnrnlvc flytng or reglrtre thc rearlng of slacka. Thle announcment does not eoneriltute an lndoraanent of thc product mentloned" Bullefi.n No. For the Bumlner cotton cord ard tho nlnter blue coat, the button 1s 30 llgne or 11/16 lnch ln dlameter; the euff llnks are 20 llgnc or L]..l? Paragraph 16, CAP Regulatlon 35-8 ard the tn CAP Pamptrlet No, L0 nhlch states that vearlng of the patch on the shlrt when *orn as an outer garrent le opttonal, ls tn arror. .l,11 ottrcr scldor nembers vlll vear thc CAP cutout on both collarg. AIL othor senlor meinbcrs wl IL wesr tfre cloth headgear insicnla (clrcil Lar dlsc lrtth enclosed trlangle ard propel Ler) on the flftne 16. A claep my bo ararded to the BIue Ilalnlng Rlbbon to eadets r*? The Chaplaln, Medl Offlcer and Nurae lnslgnta rd II bc rrcrn centerd, l/2 lnch above cal thc lcft brcast pockct of thc coat, Jackct or shttt (uhen rsrn ag an outcr garment).

thc garrlson (ovorscas) cap *d1 h"r" afflxed., 1" from the front and t/2" from the botfom edge on the left slde thoreof , e L-lfl " blue dtsc rdth a red two-bladed propellcr crossed whlte wlngs inslde the dtsc. AWAR9 p R m{BLEnf (I) Clp Pl-lot's Wlngs prlvate Above left pocket C\rrently valld (SILver eagle with enane Led pllot ce"tlflcate or of shlr L, blouse or emblem, 2-L/2"x L-l/9") hlgher. (5) Black satin (2"x].4 /t*,,) w'lth woven deslgn ln gold colored thread as prescribed below: (u) Co"stal Patrol (Su Umarlne and Bornb) (u) lfafson Patrol (Cactus wlth t P) (c) Forest Patrol" (l Yee lrlth FP) Asslgned and served on operatlons as proscrlbed below: CAP 2" above cuff on left sleeve of shirt or abovc brald on offlcorrs blouse. A clasp ray be arrarded to cadets who have pssed that part of llatlonal Ercamfuletlon Test A or B pertaining to anv I unlts of Vo I I, Book II, Avlatlon Study l' Rlbbon lsnrontfrs orfor servtce wlth the Porest for a rnlnlrmrrn of three (3) for partlcipating tn five (5) patrol Illlghts dur Lng the perlod l l6rch 19L2 to LJuly 1945. re Mlsslng-ALrcraft Search Rtbbon ls awarl Ced foi service on a nlnlrmrm of five mlsslng alrcraft search mlsslons or:r' performlng ftve search fllghts durlng the perlod 1 I'brch 19112 to LQg! the Corm Lttee approved thls pr.oposal and thc n*r r Lbbone w'111 be phased ln starting ln Ju J-y 1982. NOTE: Phase-Ln date for new standarrl slze ribbons ts 31 Deceonber 1986. The badge, whlch urtll be ar arded to both cadets and sentor mernbers who rrcirk ln the comnunlcations pro- gram, ls pr J-marlly a spccialty ldentlflcatlon badge. Bolow the Merltorlous Servlce Ar*ard uas the Unlt Cltation Arerd RLbbon. liau&cra of thc rcgton cteff erd l Iffi ncrnbcrs rcprcrcntlng reglonr vl II ucar a rcgton patch (tt onc has bccn adoptcd for thc reglon). lldcra utro arc not afftltated rrlth an orgenl.catton rtthln e rdng (for annplc, ccrteln rntlonal comtttcc mnbcrg) trll L rraar thc ahou Jdcr ptch of thc rrlng ln vhtch thcy rccldc. Mcanbcru of thc rcglonal staff ard NEC menbcrs rcprescntiru rcgtons n111 Ular a rcglonel p,tch. ,{ 39-1 CAPU 39-1 35-8 Pollcy Letter 35-8 )5-l Change )Change 2 CAPM c APR Surmer Unlform, Shade 505 CAP v/?

(f Z) grafa wfff not be worn on the garr (overse"s) cap by elther senlor enllsted members or CAP cadct roembcrs. Jacket, or over a- (Z) OUserverrs Wlngs (single wlng, Orrently nalld solo sl.]w'lth enameled emblem certiflcate or 15 hrs. COMMUNICATTONS SMVICE RIBBON BIue rlbbon wlth light blue radlo waves a red C contalnlng whtte dlsc rr1th blue c Lrcles. the rlbbon is for sustalned servlee to the CAP connunlcatlons program. (14) CAP ELue, Whlte, 0R R6d Cadet Tnalnlng Elbbon. At this polnt ln tlne a Ll servlce and tralnlng rlbbons were grouped together wlth no precedsrce. (tlotc: Thlc pctoh hsd a torch ldthtr e olrclc and MIDDI. REOIODI tn an 8rc at thc top, thc CAP rctto, SEI{PER VICf IJNS, ln a ccroll at thc bottou. Only onc ohouldcr Ftch rr111 bc rortl, and lt rr ILL bc loceted t/Z l;rren belor thc chouldcr rcaa of thc lcfb alccvc of a Ll coata (exccpt natncoats), pckcts, thlrtt rotrl as outcr garucntt, arut flylng CAP arlts. /Sq 4 to to to 35-4 *Change I to CAPB )5-t CAFts 35 CAPR 35-l 35-l 35-l CAFB r Change 2 L/L2/59 *Change 3 to CAPR to CAPR LL/45/55 *6APR 35-Lt*, Unlt 5/n/6o *c AP s/1,5/6o Ar*arr:l L€tte" )9-3 CAPR 39-3 LO/\8/6L *Chan Se I to 3/2o/6t c NR 39-3 CAPR 39-3 6/22/66 uffi. c^P\ 394 Lo/n/67 Change 1 to OAPR 39-3 6/n/6e Changc 2 to Cil PP- 39-3 889/lo changc 3 to CAPR 39-3 6/4n L 9/6/tz e/8/73 L/zn6 t /25/77 LL/g/n gtl/'t,l z/S/go 9/a/& 9/3o/sl uffi,3e-3 c^n,39-3 changc 1 to c,f B 39-3 c Ar?

The types of r.rniforms llsted below are authorized for wear by CAIi female cadets whlle work Lng, whlle tralnlrrg, while partlclpatlng ln recrea Llonal or athletlc events, or wtrlle particlpatlng tn Clvll Air Patrol- Unlforms - Page 2J any other actlvltles ln whlch the serttlco unlform ls not required: a. (1) Trousers, denlrn, blue; or play shorts, cotton, lfilte. The follorrlng resolutlon wae ulsntnouury"ippr"vuar Ttre prcsent [edal of Valor Ls. rs "$ti.vei' F{6dal of Valorr,, to recognlze acts of herolem fon erhxeh- i,h* prresant Medal of Valor ls now'a[r.rced; and, the "Bronze Medal-.of, va J'*v", t" reeognlze acts of henolsn rrhlch do not meet the criterla for t'he a*erd or tne "sll"ver M6da1 tlngutshed, Except$-ona1, and Merttorlous Se:rrlceof va Ior". Notable servlce ln a posltlon of responslblllty wfiere the dutles perfornmed and conduct of person norrelly affects the affalrs of CAP on a regl"onal scale. Merltorlous servlco or achlevement of local lmportanee. Excepttonall-y merltorlous conduct, by a unlt of CAP, in the performance of outstandlng serrrlces or dlfflcult tasks wtrlch clearly sets the unit apart and above othor unlts wlth slml Lar ntselons. Those lndlvlduals r*tro were members at any tlme durtng tf,e porlod (sholrn ln the orrlers) for whlch the unlt ms ctted for the Unlt Ar,rard may waar the rlbbon pcrrenently. Productlon has begun on the ner clvll Alr crio N STARTS o N'c Ap cap inslgnla, Col. futeheson, deprty chlef of ataff support S"rvtcccr' CAP N;ttonal Headq.arters, annqtnccd last vcek. 0) *(8) Statlonery of, any OAP unlt or a&thon{"sod comtttoe.

In all cases, the point of the chevrone rrll L polnt dotrnr*ard. @ @ C @ D Clvll Alr $,atrt"i Tnstrgni_a * page 5g Mlnutes, Nattonar Exocutrve Board Meettng, 22 Apri J- rg60. The ribbon rtsy be worrt by all members of a unlt r*hlch has recelvad a Unlt CLtatlon Award by orr Cers of Natlonal Headquarters subsequent to 15 November L955. Weclcly DAROIDERED VISOR INSIGIe'the mre Ln Utcn, fo" offlcere oily, fu dcscrlbed ae "belng mrch nearer _ A1r Forcc cap lnstg:ria." CONTACT, Novenber U, L953, -D.lsrexu.

Approprlate apparel wl II be worn whlle partlclpatlng ln narious athletic events. ldentlty rn blue, red, gold and whlte, the pln rs topped rlth a golden eagre. :1o I the_ e*g Ie le the blu-e, red ind rptrit,e Alr Patrol'r lettered Xn go J.d rrnderneath, cnr p*p"Ller crest wlth the plns are arratlable for 65 cents eaeh fron p-N prrducts Co. re comperry Io*1,cigarette clvrl A1r pa_ trol li.ghtero and nameprat,es" rt "iro-*nufactures r* currently deslgnlng a c Ap ldentiflcat Lon NEI{ IAPEL PIN Now AVAIIABLE, br*celet " Civll Alr Patrct Regu Jatton 39_3, 15 August 1960. Wherr they c6ase to be membarg of the unlt rhlch non the arrard, they cannot wesr the Unlt Cttatlon Amrd Blbbon, unless they are members of another unit rvhich has won the ar*ard. (1) Offlcers and mrrant ths rogular slze offlccr grade lnslgnla of srlver orofflcers rrll1 rrearor sflv Ei or gord gold color mctal color rlre embnold:y, flvc-etghths Inch tlon the outsldc edge of the shoulder loops of the ralncoat (bruc)r.or"r.*i, t"p"*t, brouse, Jacket, and coat. rere is some dtfferencc 1n the acttral chevrons ueed by CAP nerabers after r95I and thoge Prescrlbcd by Art 4r-16 both ln slze ard ln the currrature of the are. tre st B],lar flnlsh6d product ready by thc flrat wcck ln: Dcecr&or. -LL bs rprzt on the eervlce fn .ffi1,e i.t-(ir.r"l-uy arr comlssloned officcrc. Ttre Clvll A1r Patnol s6a1 and Clvll A1r Patrol ernblem w"l IL not be placed on any ltcn uscd tn a comncrclal actlvlty but rmy generally be used as follows: a. *(3) Statlonory of the Natlonal Boar.r C, Natlonal Executlve Corunlttee, nrtlonal conrnlttees, Natlonal Headquatters, and Regton Headgr:arters. ltrc neuc of thc comndcr or thc coulttcc chatrun ny sppcer on auch atat Loncry ou\y firrrrtt thc pcrlod petch on rtrcn thc narcd lrdlvtdual holds strch offtcc. lcttcr, or othcr cuch dcrtcc rou Ld bc appropriatc. rc Jeckct, bcerlng thls oblo, vtrlch nl f, Lcld tcctcd by thc Dclararc l{lng, B!

Ihst thc Dts Arrarrls *ttt no longer be ar*arded for aete of herolen, Clvtl Air Patrol TIlm S, Apr I[ ]960" ll new lapel pln is norr arrallable to all menbers of the Ctvl L Ain patrol. responslbiltty rfiere the posltlon held and results obtalned reflect upon the of CAP on a national sca1e. The degree of merlt need not be unlque but lt nust be dlstlnctlve and above that normally expected ln the perfom Ence of duty. those lndlviduals who Jolned the unlt after thls period may w6ar thc rtbbon as long as they are members of the untt. Onc mrmfbcturer has b Jgun ,orli on the ncr celblen and orpccts to have the ? *(2) Offlclal lnvltat1ons, greetlnp, and prograns at natlonal, reglon and w Lng Lcvel. CAP untts below reg$Levetr ero encoumged to ucs thclr rlrg ahouldcr Wlng Ctvll Alr Fatr:o1 Etb1cn - Fegc 2 unlt atatlomcrl T clthcr ln con Junctlon tdth or rlthottt thc CAP cublcn. ltc g3ch usc of the CAP crcct rust bc CAP cnblcn Ey bc urcd on any lta or clothlng, not unlfolrr Yhcrc thc ucs of a club cnbicn, cchool.

(Z) Whcn flytng ln Us A,t', Arrry, Narry arul l{arlne al.rcraft. leathar loefcrc rtth bluc anklota, 8t appro Prlatc. hrrgcncy scrvlcoc personnel.l By vcer tho energency sorvlcos badgc (bcncath the brcaat ptch) and patch (on cap and lcft brcast). Dlstlnctlvo lrrslgnla rcqulred are: or cadet breaat peteh, collar lnslgnta, fllght eap lnslgnla, ahouldcr patch, a Lrun grede alccve lnslgnla. Bo NS AI{D THE GEI'lst by wrltlng to the Renton Squadron, Wash S-ngton Wlng, C1vll Alr Patrol, 225 We Lls Street, Renton, Washlngton. In maqy lnstanees female CAP members are not rrearlng the proper-slzcd buttonc on unlfomog. re largest slzed button (36 llgne) ls uorn on the o Yorcoat g! CAP lnsignla ean be pr:rchased at Sugarmants, 407 West Houst,on Street, San Anton J.o, Te:cas. re rlght stze can bo obtained nerely by dcslgnatlng for what the button ls requlred. r Ls does not constltute an lrdorssnent of tho ltams as sold by l,teek J.y 3, Buttons for the eormnerctal ag€ncy monttoned" of CAP Breast Patch. Wlng corunarders are edvlscd that the Caduceus (Irry gpe Medlcal Inslgnla)-or any other tlpe of-Medical Inslgnia are not authorlze A to bc worn on the A1r Forco type CAP urdforn. Sl Ustttute a dlstlnctlve shoulder patch for the breast patch. Authorlzed CAP offlcers to wear the grade lnslgnla on both gldec of the collar of the shlrt when worn as 8n outor garraent. Scn Lor nenbcrs w.l ncar the rogular size gradc lnslgnla on thc rlght collar; thc CAP cutout on the lcft co L1er. Female slgnla ofilcer members rl IL woar regular slze tnsignla of grade on thc WAF fltght cap as shown ln ffunrc 15. f O Acttve CAF cadsts who havo paoced thet Fart of the lla,tlonal &rantnatlon Tegt A or B, pert^afnlng to ar6r 10 urdts of Yo I I, Book Ilr Avlatlon Study Manual, nay be amrded the BLue lba1n1ng RLbbon.