Now go take at look at what porn groups get the most traffic: Jailbait, schoolgirls, Lolitas… site, it was interesting because you get to vote on their ages, but I also thought, “What’s the big fascination with this site anyway? These are the ones that you try pretty hard not to look at.

I find myself looking at them sometimes and remembering back to when I was that age, and some of the 14 year old girls I used to hang around with, be friends with, and even date and sleep with.

Teenage girl means “illegal.” In some way, that effects their desirability.

When I look at them, I am often just reminiscing about the old days.

But you have to be very careful about looking at girls of that age, because at my age, people will see you doing that and get mad at you. In many primitive societies even today, a 15 year old girl can marry a man of any age.

All in all, what Gary said is true, but this sort of thing tends to weaken as one ages.

It almost seems that with each passing year, the girls look younger and younger and less and less desirable in that way.

On the other hand, their bodies are still not totally mature, and their minds often seem extremely silly, girly and immature.

16 year old girls are the cream of the crop, because at this age, their bodies are often fully mature.

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You’re living in a small foraging society and need to secure a wife that will give you as many offspring as possible and ensure your genes will pass down the generations. So what was the typical age of a girls first pregnancy in prehistoric times?

The best bride material will be girls approaching their first pregnancy since they would have all of their breeding years ahead of them and the time you’d have to wait before she’d start giving you any offspring would be at a minimum.

Even if they look good, you think, “way too young.” The idea that they are too young is probably an idea implanted in you by society, but nevertheless, society and laws shape your brain the same way your genes do.