Speidi were the first to be saved and James C and Jasmine looked nervous as they squared up in front of their doors.

She will appear on Tuesday night's instalment to chat to Emma Willis and has been in hiding near the compound since Sunday night.

Jasmine's departure will come as a huge blow to new love interest Calum Best, after the pair have been flirting throughout the series.

Stacy, Coleen and Calum returned to the main house only to be told they and the other housemates all had to agree on who to send home for good.

Back in Hell, Jasmine, Speidi and James C lined up in front of three doors to receive their fate.

Those who answered correctly were then allowed to take a life from a fellow Hell housemate until three of them had none left.

Jasmine found herself back in hell and subsequently evicted after Stacy Francis got two questions right in the quiz and chose to take both of Jasmine's lives."Who cares." Rounding off her meltdown, she insisted her housemates - including a persistent Stacy Francis - left her completely alone.Shortly after returning to the main bungalow, Jasmine swiftly hopped into bed with hunky Calum.You'll love them so much, I'm sure you'll keep using them well after the honeymoon has ended.JASMINE Waltz was evicted from Celebrity Big Brother after her housemates decided to giver her the boot over James Cosmo and Speidi.Imagine playing a bet of 15 games with N100 and you wanted to win N200,000 and one game spoils your ticket. The next thing is we take out the odds of the game that spoilt the ticket.