There is not a single historical example of a sociopath who is a completely emotionless, robot loner, so I don't know from where people are getting this image of the emotionless sociopath.I thought about this popular misconception when I read this recent comment: "How does a sociopath know when the missing emotions that make him supposedly so different, since he does not feel them, are feigned?Related: Andrew & Emma Are The Friendliest Exes Nonetheless, during a recent chat with So many models are coke whores and/or have eating disorders. This and much more on The Perez Hilton Podcast with Chris Booker!

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Going through the motions because of this intellectual realization is far different than the automatic response given by most non-sociopaths.

I think, by and large, we realize that we are not giving the same response as non-sociopaths because we realize that we have to craft the *entire* interaction with another person, not just the words.

The woman in question is called Lisa Liberati, who works as an assistant to director M Night Shyamalan.

Mc Avoy, of course, is starring in Shyamalan’s new film Split as a man suffering from multiple personality disorder.

But I don't think even this idea of faking emotions is so different than most people.

Do you always mean it when you say "oh, I'm so sorry to hear that"?

– is nice work if you can get it, but there are rules. “What we do first and what happens next,” said Mc Avoy, who previously was seen as the goat-like Mr. “We don’t talk about each other much,” he tells the paper, “and we don’t turn up together at lots of events.

“We talked a lot beforehand, so we had it figured out what we were going to do, what bits are we going to feel, and what bits are we not going to feel,” Mc Avoy, 28, told PEOPLE at the Chanel and Cinema Society premiere of the 1930s period drama, held Monday in New York. We both really rejoice in having a normal life.” Sure enough, when asked by PEOPLE how the two celebrated their first wedding anniversary on Oct.

I have been surprised by how often I hear or read someone saying that sociopaths don't have emotions or can't form emotional bonds with other people.