I am especially grateful to the guys who drove our two buses over the Alps (Zsolt, Joe and Doug), and also to those diggers who ended up doing more than their share of backfill, for various reasons, such as Jay Ingate and Bernard Mulholland.Eddie Luby is, as ever, to be admired for staying back in the camp and providing the team with solid archive support, whilst Doug Underwood has worked himself into the ground on the total station.Uni Kent Archaeological Fieldwork Evening 2011 Recent discoveries and current research of The Department of Classical and Archaeological Studies Tuesday 29th November 7-9 p.m.

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Los pueblos son desarrollados por los que tienen el papel más débil … Para los aldeanos sin poder, salir a cazar monstruos es equivalente a cometer suicidio.

Pero un día, un cierto niño de dos años de edad se dio cuenta de algo.

It is good to be able to add to our story of public space the fate of the temple squares.

If you are interested in this topic you may like to consult a recent book by Luke Lavan and Michael Mulryan on the Archaeology of Late Antique Paganism. The excavations of the Nymphaeum in the Piazza della Vittoria have been progressing nicely.

I am also grateful to the first aiders and supervisors, (Zsolt, Helen, Dan, Sebastian and Bob), who powered the team through to successful completion, and to our friends from the Berlin team, Gunnar and Lena, who looked after stay finds for us which and delivered them to the depot.

The generous donations of John Osborn and especially John Beale underpinned our campaign, whilst the grants of the faculty made the purchase of specialist services possible.

One of this year’s quirkier finds was from the Bivium, where a pawprint on one of the terracotta tiles was uncovered next to a drain.

As this trench has been cleaned, the total station has been used to record the geographical points of significant features and findspots to allow an accurate map to be created at a later date.

They have provided good company whilst we were working in the depot, and on Saturday Luke conducted a guided tour for them of our site.

They very kindly offered to do the same for us before we go.

Finally, I would like to thank the sopraintendenza again, especially Angelo Pellegrino, for what has been a satisfying four years of archaeological work.