Attempting to click on the link will cause OWA to attempt to open the site notebook, but it will fail miserably.You will need to update your navigation node to point to your new site url.

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When you click on the hyperlink, a page opens displaying all the list properties arranged in sections.

The more general properties are shown in the List Poperties section.

In this case we have set a user friendly message and set status to “Cancel With Error”.

For all the valid status values we can look for “SPRemote Event Service Status” Enum.Then select an events as in the following and click Finish. Here I'm trying to update a Share Point list based on file changes happening to a separate Share Point Document Library. An Employee Documents Document Library has the following columns: Step 9Build and deploy the solution. Go to the Employee Documents Document Library and add a new document. The log will show as in the following: Step 12The document has been deleted.When you take a look at the Fields section, you see that only a number of field properties are listed.If you want to modify the column, click the hyperlink in the Display name column, which will bring you to the Fld page – which is a standard Share Point page – where you can make the necessary changes.Set “Price cannot exceed 0” as Error Message and “Cancel With Error” as Status.