Like the ground, man can produce a virtually unlimited bounty of fruits.

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At first, you were disappointed as you watched the seed. You wanted to throw it out, but your teacher insisted that you wait.

One day, a green shoot appeared from amidst the smelly decay.

It continued to grow and grow, until there was a beautiful leafy plant, with the potential for an infinite number of new plants. There is a very physical side to every human, and often it brings us to places of rot and decay, places in which we can wreak more havoc on creation than the most destructive animal.

Yet we also have the ability to transcend that downward pull and grow from the earth into something greater with almost unlimited potential. The angel representing truth argued that humans lie, and they have the potential to destroy the world. An angel is the manifestation of God's will, and is completely unable to deviate even an iota from that will.

Blood has long been associated with hot temperament and loss of self control.

Shakespeare described one of his quick tempered characters as "governed by a spleen," an internal organ containing a reservoir of blood.

God responded "may truth rise from the ground" and our Sages then cited the verse, "truth shall grow from the ground." The whole dialogue in the heavens appears bizarre at first glance. How did they convince Him to revive the angel of truth? A core tenet of Jewish consciousness is that when the rabbis tell stories like this one, they really mean to convey a deeper message hidden deep within the parable.

Why did God need to consult with His angels before creating man? The Maharal of Prague explained that throwing truth to the ground was by no means a rejection of truth. The proof is in the verse our Sages used to explain the revival of truth: "truth shall grow from the ground." God never rejected truth; instead He planted in the ground.

The letter aleph is also a word which means to teach or inculcate.

It similarly indicates leadership, as implied by the related word aluf which means a general or tribal head.

An angel has a name that reflects its mission since that is all the angel is.