These three entities have transformed the way that we men view the pressures of finding a girlfriend/wife.Historically a man had, roughly, for me AND my male counterparts.

Instead, this has weakened the male’s view in how and what it means to pursue a wife. The definition of love has changed from a Biblical definition to the cultural “what makes me feel good at the moment”. I have to be honest with you and say these things because I’m more afraid not to point these things out. The funny thing about being young is that it’s easy to point out a problem.

We sometimes feel that when we ask you out, you take expectations too far too quickly. The reason why I have this insight is because…ding ding ding…I’m in some of these categories. The funnier thing is that in our youth we rarely have the answers.

These will be generalizations, of course, but what I have on my side is the Bible and a little bit of psychological binoculars.

Welcome to the glamorous world of Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram!

Many churches and pastors became more focused on growing their church attendance and pleasing people rather than following thousands of years of church history and preaching for God with God’s word. The cross and Jesus’ bloody death are rarely deeply studied and reflected on.

If the Bible were a movie, many churches have pushed to cross and sin back to the ending credits.

This gives us a false sense of satisfaction that takes away any weight on our shoulders that we need to pursue a woman right now.

Who needs to pursue immediately…we’re content in our gigantically-fictional plethora of options.

I am not sure when exactly this happened, but somewhere along the lines in our recent church history we began to view Jesus is a very feminine manner.

He became no longer a God who was authoritative, had supreme leadership over all, filled with passion for His Father’s glory and likeness, and bold in his worldviews and lifestyle.

While seeing a feminized Jesus we’ve, in turn, automatically projected more passivity, less in our boldness, and are more inclined to play a super nice guy role.