Fortunately, for me I was lucky he (my husband) was exactly he said he was and did all of the above…well except for the hiding me in the woods part!

Unfortunately , for many it doesn’t turn out that way.

When calling the security personnel of London bank offices for example, it is difficult to avoid forming the impression that one has disturbed a retired and disgruntled Metropolitan policeman from his tea and biscuits.

I recently asked a UK HSBC employee to forward details of a fraud account in a Hong Kong branch of the company – she said “We are not the Hong Kong and Shanghai Banking Corporation”.

Silly me – I thought that this was the bank that ran the TV campaigns about how the HSBC was such a well connected, global financial institution … 6 Jalan Tun Perak, 50050 Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia, Account Name: Lee Wai Kwan, 45 Jalan Minang Ria 5 Cheras 43200 Malaysia, Swift Code: CIBBMYKL, Account Number: 1209-0044-5415-27.

In certain cases, therefore, the fraud criminals will ask that funds be sent to a bank account.

The writer has encountered a distinct lack of interest from the banks when reporting these account details.

However we met on [email protected] before it became and when it was free.

We talked everyday for three hours on the phone and it was eight months before I actually came here to Fayetteville , North Carolina to meet him in person.Military members get paid and have access to the majority of what they need even in combat zones. If the fake soldier says he needs you to sign papers for him to come on leave and send a fee that is an automatic red flag.Military spouses and significant others do not need to sign or pay for anything in relation to military coming home from overseas.We are easy prey, and when you have a man saying everything you want to hear it’s easy to get lost in emotion.The fake soldier comes across real by using fallen troops pictures and names. That scheme has also taken on the term Catfished, thanks to the popularity of the MTV Show based on people who are seeking to find out if the people they have become romantically involved with online; are really who they say they are.I met my husband online eleven years ago long before the days of Facebook and Twitter.