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Kingsfield, the world's leading authority on contract law.

Kingsfield inspires both awe and fear in his students in his unremitting determination to prepare them for the practice of law.

The series was later seen in the early 1990s on A&E, and in the early 2000s on Good Life Television.

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Though Kingsfield admits Hart is an exceptional student and will most probably be an outstanding lawyer, he tells the faculty hiring committee that Hart has "no experience whatsoever" and has "no resources on which to draw as a teacher." When Hart finds out he did not get the faculty position, he is upset, but comes to terms with the outcome.

As Hart gives the commencement speech, he directly addresses Professor Kingsfield and expresses his admiration and affection for the professor, thus bringing the series to a close.

He becomes romantically involved with a first-year law student, Connie Lehman (Jane Kaczmarek), only to lose her when she wins a Rhodes Scholarship and goes to Oxford University.