The Walker Art Center regularly makes national headlines with its collection of truly abstract, contemporary, mind-bending theater and art displays.Thursday evenings are free thanks to a Target sponsorship; special exhibits currently include a display of Cuban art that is sure to warm your frigid soul.When it’s cold enough, visitors can walk behind the frozen falls and get a glimpse of something most people never get to see.

Free parking and excellent customer service make this more than worth the drive. Paul’s mobster past and practice your swing dancing steps with a visit to the Wabasha Street Caves.

With live swing bands and year-round historical tours, the Wabasha Caves will teach you everything you didn’t know about St. It's cheap too; swing night tickets are less than $10.

Nothing sets the mood like an abundance of flowers.

Intentionally locking yourself and a small group into an escape room for an hour might not sound like your idea of fun, but it is truly a blast.

You can always stop by one of the many ponds or lakes in the Twin Cities too, of course, but this location also features free skate rentals, a warming house, and a groomed rink, making it perfect even for the greenest skater. Rather than see animals, you can stop by the Como Zoo Conservatory which is a free, glass-enclosed building, filled with steamy tropical heat.

The Como Zoo is a popular summer attraction (a free zoo? In addition to the gorgeous gardens, visitors can attend a free weekly concert series in the conservatory.

Even better: Some performances go for as low as a pop.

The Southern Theater is one of the busiest and most affordable theatrical venues in the Twin Cities and hosts a rotating schedule of shows from indie companies to one-man performances and student revues, meaning you're always guaranteed to see something unusual there.

With tons of special events like Star Wars Day, Lego construction challenges, and Omnitheater screenings, there is no shortage of date night activities to be found here.

There’s a reason why people fly from all over the country to the Guthrie Theater.

" Fortunately, when you take a bar out of the equation (and the weather is 20 degrees below zero), there are still plenty of options for a good time.