Watching foreign films or television series are both excellent ways to help you learn French.

It helps you gather a better understanding of the daily lifestyle and expressions that French may use whilst consolidating your existing vocabulary.

As such, it may not be suitable for beginner to intermediate levels. Number of episodes: 2613 Plot: Soap opera based in the fictional “le Mistral” neighbourhood in the Mediterranean port-city of Marseille.

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I recommend Tunnelbear, it’s only five dollars a month, with discounts offered from time to time.

Just make sure to test it for compatibility prior to subscribing.

K…) then you will have access to some of France’s most popular television series and can check to see if they have the ones you’re looking for.

It’s always worth checking to see if someone has uploaded full episodes of whatever you’re looking for on You Tube.

It is however, an excellent tool to help teach your kids French, while they might also learn a thing or two about blood vessels along the way.

You can go straight to the source and view the shows on their respective channel’s websites.

The world’s most popular movie streaming site has finally entered the French market.

So, if you’re currently in France (at least virtually thanks to the VPN) and have an account with them (even if you sign-up with Netflix in USA, U.

To do this however, you will probably have to install a Virtual Private Network (VPN) and set it to a French IP address.