The companies that sell these costumes have names like Dream Girl, Leg Avenue and Forplay and view woman as sex objects and “whores.” The word “whore” is pejorative of course, and the correct word is prostitute or sex worker.

But the power and persuasiveness of porn culture has convinced far to many women and girls that to dress up as a prostitute for Halloween is fun, sexy and hot. These costumes reinforce the most misogynist ideas about women – that they are commodities to be bought and sold for the sexual pleasure of men.

However, I don’t believe that women who engage in sex work are as Angyal accuses me of as “filthy prostitutes.” As a Marxist, I understand that women and men engage in sex work for economic reasons and not because they believe it is at all sexually liberating or empowering. The Russian revolutionary Alexandra Kollantai wrote: “The roots of prostitution are in economics.

Woman is on the one hand placed in an economically vulnerable position, and on the other hand has been conditioned by centuries of education to expect material favors from a man in return for sexual favors whether these are given within or outside the marriage tie.” If we lived in a society that paid all women a living wage, provided free childcare, health care and affordable housing, no woman would be forced to sell sexual services for money.

I was over by the table rifling though titles, before I’d even noticed which group was sponsoring the giveaway.

Most of the books I picked up looked to insipid to hang on to (a person used to do some bad things, but then they (a) noticed bad things were bad and (b) had some warm feelings, so now Christianity! The book is adapted from a series of radio broadcasts Lewis did on theology, and the first few sections were laying out an explanation of objective morality, and dealing with a few common objections. I was spending at least as much time arguing with my debate friends about objective morality as with my then-boyfriend about Catholicism. When I read Lewis’s discussion of the natural law written on the heart of man, I was reading my own thoughts, expressed more simply and comprehensibly than I had managed.

Not all feminists agree with this position, like Chloe Angyal, an editor at Feministing and a blogger at Thought Catalog.

In response to the title of our slideshow “Whorified,” a play on and a putting together of the words “whore” and “horrified,” she told us we aren’t feminists and to “Stop it.

The acceptance of porn culture has utterly transformed Halloween.

Go to any store that sells Halloween gear and you’ll be shocked by how women’s costumes have been sickeningly sexualized and distilled down to display breasts, thighs and buttocks.

Perhaps we didn’t share quite enough for Aumann’s Agreement Theorem to hold, but I couldn’t shake the feeling that one good, undergraduate-style, pizza-and-fighting-til-dawn conversation with Lewis would either convert me or leave me feeling like I’d done my due diligence and could walk away from this hypothesis. Lewis was what made Christianity a non-euclidean theology for me – conceivably true, but not necessarily (or even likely to be) correct.