She says that we’re actually pretty bad at judging people accurately the first time we meet them, but we get better at it as we spend more time with them.

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“There are polite smiles - we don’t necessarily feel genuine happiness, but they’re really important social tokens…

the sort of thing that you would do if you were in a shop - you would smile at the person serving you,” she says.

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Many couples meet online – and communication via social media is a big part of a lot of relationships.

But Rachel New doesn’t think this is necessarily a good thing.

“That’s not a genuine smile of pleasure, but it’s a really important social token smile.” So what does this all mean when it comes to flirting?

First of all, if you smile at someone, they’re more than likely to smile back.

A smile isn’t a great deal of effort – and it doesn’t make you too obvious, just friendly.

Even better than that, you’ll very probably get an immediate response.

Her research has shown that we’re even willing to give up money for the chance to see someone smiling at us.