Shame on me for not investigating further because the Atlanta version of their website is early 1990-ish; you can only search on age and weight and the website is so unfriendly and cumbersome to navigate.

They do a poor job with posting updates to your profile and let people contact you that do not meet your search criteria.

Yes they're a "dating service", but they're also money driven sales people!

They charge a different amount for people depending on how well you negotiate and then make you sign a document saying you won't tell. But they won't let you even run a search till your photos & video are live.

Well, I paid a lot less than folks listed above but I also only joined for a year. Once I ran it, I saw the same damn people that were on the other dating sites. But what one of the previous comments stated about how bad the website is, is absolutely true. Yes, one of the worst decisions I've made in the past away from this company it is a total scam, they do not tell you your cancellation rights and refuse to refund money, even if you cancel within 72 hours, a very unethical company, all the people scammed by this company should start a class action suit and put them out of business This company is a total scam.

All the sweet talk and bull is nothing but high pressure tactics taught at their Stuart, Florida training office.

Please, someone look into shutting this business down in Florida.

I actually tried to cancel on a Sunday, which they denied, stating Sunday was not a business day.

In order to date online, you had to pay an additional twenty or thirty dollars a month, in addition to the outrageous membership fee I mentioned earlier.

Jennifer told me that today is the only day for thier sale, after today the prices will go up even higher. (pictures cost hundreds more) Thankyou, Cyndi Helland I visited the GE office in Maitland very recently.

I joined may of 2007 so I don't remember the wordes of her sales pitch I just remember she put alot of pressure on me. Avoid this company unless you are fond of high-powered sales pitches.

This dating service takes total advantage of the lonley hearted.