Unfortunately, all photographic evidence of this was burned up in a fire.-Squatted 605 pounds and leg pressed 2,000 pounds for 20 reps. When asked for proof of this, he says that he doesn't have any because the Internet wasn't that popular in the early 2000s. If you don't believe him, then he is under no obligation to provide proof, you obviously haven't seen him in person. -According to his first ex-wife, he didn't actually go to Texas A&M.

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The original Exposed TV You Tube channel which uncovered all his lies got hundreds of thousands of views on their videos.

Unfortunately, Blaha managed to take the channel down by filing fraudulent copyright claims against the videos, since they used footage from Blaha's channel in order to prove that he contradicted himself.

-Not only was he an assassin for the CIA, but he also revealed that he worked as a private military contractor.

He was recruited by the Clinton administration during high school due to his target shooting skills.

Again, $60 a day on You Tube is just so much better.

-Genius level 147 IQ (99.9th percentile of population).

He killed armed men, got PTSD as a result, and was terminated by his employer. Thankfully, he wasn't part of the military, so he was not in violation of international law!

-Left his team to do a solo job in the jungles of Central or South America.

Blaha was charged with illegal firearm possession when backup arrived and they found the cop's gun on Blaha.-Ran his own steroid lab from 2000-2004 and fucked a cheerleader for a bottle of Clenbuterol and a bottle of Winstrol.

He also helped NCAA athletes pass drug tests, some of them later went on to the NFL.-Was a shredded bodybuilder below 5% body fat. This is a feat that is only achievable by elite world record holding powerlifters. -Didn't go bald, full luscious head of hair, shaves his head by choice.

This calculates into approximately 29 pounds of food/37,000 calories in one sitting. He has never demonstrated this skill on camera, but he assured us all that he took two years of honours jazz and played in heavy metal bands. An incredible feat since he was in his early 20s and had never attended any engineering school of any kind.