A robot writer killing the poetry Forbes is entirely written with that shit I’m pessimistic I don’t want my lyrics written from statistics Artificial intelligence is growing fast Google car drives better than me and you chest match I’m beaten by deep blue Is cell-phone a part of human body?

Free tekst hot chat-10

We need to be driven Prehistory then history and now in what period are we?

(x2) The shift, the tipping point (x2) 4 million dead due to air pollution Alarming observation We need to adapt the city They should declare a state of emergency There is another option we need a serious adaptation Climatic refugees will flee everywhere!

You can engage your customers and even qualify your leads with chatbots.

You can also use these chatbots to create Messenger sequences.

but they just don’t care Rural flight in the 60s Now we try to bring back nature in cities We gonna Hit the tipping point We need to tackle the sources We need to Change the courses Everything is clear!

But they just don’t care Prehistory then history and now in what period are we?

Macro meso micro I know everything is a matter of scale Multiscalar is the future I’m a doctor I’m gonna teach you I’m a scientist, I got to do my research (x4) Water cycle, water water cycle Hydro logical cycle Water cycle, water water cycle Hydro logical cycle From the mountain top to the ocean In a continuous motion from the river to the sky!

60% of my flesh, yes I’m fresh I’ve got the flair, I’m a dowser Like the flow I’m improvising Carving a path through rock I don’t roll like a ball, I’m Fluid, I change state, I evaporate I freeze, like the ocean breeze My flow is free like Ornette Coleman Evasive, the 3rd element Watching drizzle in my tenement…

Think of it as an email autoresponder sequence that happens in Facebook Messenger.