Through mentoring programmes the women identify other skills they are capable of and they learn there is life after the dehumanising experience of being trafficked.While she has continued work in a parlour, the young woman from Thailand, who recently celebrated her birthday with her new friends, has a vision to one day start her own Thai food restaurant in Belgium. People are made in the image of God, with dignity and value compared to what the rest of the world sees,” says Gooding.

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OASIS-Belgium not only raises awareness around human trafficking but also helps victims reintegrate into society.

They are helped out of addiction and exposed to new ways of making a living.

The young woman from Thailand had to come to terms with the fact that she was a modern day slave. She is among victims of organised crime in an apparently fast lucrative industry.

According to the United Nations Office on Drugs and Crime (UNODC), $32 billion is made annually by unscrupulous persons like her husband involved in the trafficking of human beings.

Belgium OASIS, among other organisations, do what they can to help those who manage to escape.

Last July, OASIS held an “In the long run” marathon across Europe.

The Belgian government, through its ministry of Federal Public Service Interior Immigration Service, has committed to the fight against the trafficking of human beings through prevention and assistance of victims, including investigating and prosecuting those involved.

The Interdepartmental Coordination Unit against Trafficking and Smuggling in Human Beings has been set up to bring different players working to combat human trafficking together to share information and to coordinate their efforts.

The figures include: trafficking cases involving sexual exploitation (196), forced begging (12), labor exploitation (183) and the imposition of committing offenses (39).

The number of trafficking cases was the highest Belgium has seen in five years, Turtelboom remarked. Her life was further complicated by the cultural shock of not being able to speak any of the local languages – mainly French and Flemish – resulting in her total isolation from the community around her.

Gooding explains that some victims do not immediately realise that they are being abused and remain trapped in this horrible industry.