He chimed that he could imagine women feeling more comfortable at clubs more orientated around music.“I don't think anyone has ever had a bad night in Fabric.No one thrust their crotch into my face while I was tying my shoe.

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Why the hell would a stranger touch you without your permission?

But I can bet that women reading this will know why my experience is shocking. No one groped me while I was ordering a drink and whispered in my ear that I loved it.

No, I’m not humble-bragging about the attention I got, or ungratefully rejecting compliments.

I was happy to chat to guys who approached me as if I were actually another human being.

During my visit to Fabric to review its re-opening for, I chatted to a 26-year-old woman in the queue called Lauren.

She had been visiting the 2,500 capacity superclub since she was 18.

But those, and countless others, are all encounters that I have had at mainstream clubs.

And that’s when I learned that underground clubs like Fabric, where people flock to dance to sets by world-class and lesser known DJs, and the #saveourculture to protect it from closure was so important in the face of London’s dying nightlife.

But I do know that as long as these are places where everyone can dance and let their hair down without being bothered, I hope they long continue to exist.