Regardless of age, we all have the capacity for great love. Patrick Arbore, ED.d, is the Director and Founder of the Center for Elderly Suicide Prevention and Grief Related Services.A nationally recognized expert on suicide and a powerful advocate for mental health services for older adults, Dr.

If you are aging at home, as opposed to in a care or retirement facility, it can be even more difficult to meet someone new, though there are ways. Online dating can be a fun and safe way to meet people in your age group, who have similar interests, without having to “go out to a bar,” or some similar clichéd rendezvous spot.

If you need help with the basics of getting online, ask a caregiver, family member, or attend a program to help seniors Of course, when it comes to online dating, we always advise older adults to be thoughtful and honest when creating their profiles.

As with any fear, those surrounding dating as an older adult can only be conquered by stepping out of your comfort zone and getting back out there.

If you feel ready to date, have a relationship, share physical intimacy—or even have a one-night stand—that is your right, at any age.

Arbore is a role model for living life with true compassion.

He's an experienced presenter and has held seminars and workshops on topics relevant to older adults’ mental health.

As a result, she feared that her spouse no longer found her attractive, and he felt bad about his low libido as well as his short-lived erections and inability to satisfy his wife’s desires.

Such physical and psychological problems in relation to sex are not all that unusual among seniors.

Nerve damage caused by diabetes and other conditions can impair a man’s ability to get and sustain an erection.