Couple this with the increasing frequency of restaurant dining in America.

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Whats App has rolled out a number of useful features over recent weeks, including Delete for Everyone.

It lets you recall sent messages, as long as you act within seven minutes.

Whats App for i Pad could, for instance, simply be a Whats App wrapper that makes Whats App Web work a lot more like the actual app.

As well as transforming the look of the browser version of the app – which you can also access on desktop – it could ensure i Pad users receive notifications in much the same way as they would on i Phones.

The messaging app is available across a number of platforms, including i OS, Android, Windows Phone and Black Berry, but you can’t use it on an i Pad or i Pod, because it’s a telephony app. WABeta Info, which also rumoured the move in September, has spotted brand new references about a “Whats App for i Pad app” in a recent update.

How the app might work isn’t yet clear, but WABeta Info claims it will be “great news for all Whats App users having an i Pad device”.

Currently, 34 percent of our calories are eaten away from home.

Restaurant and fast food meals are notorious for being much higher in sugar, fat and calories.

Jailbreaking is also incredibly easy, much easier than Android’s equivalent, “rooting.” Rooting an up-to-date Motorola Droid, for example, requires downgrading your firmware to a previous version, which can irrevocably break your phone.