Just be careful with those sparklers if you have marshmallows on top. Then we have three great full menus that you can use on the big day, or mix and match according to your favourites.Whether you’re all about the traditional dishes, or trying to keep the calories and fat low this year, or else wanting to bring it all in on a budget – whichever way you want to go, we’re there for you.

I like everything sweet and colorful, and above all I love crochet!

So it doesn’t come as a surprise that I have prepared a tutorial to help you make little crocheted granny-square baskets.

G6 Crochet Hook Yarn Needle Craft Scissors Skill Level Easy Stitches & Terms This pattern is using U. Rnd 1: 1 sl st into 2nd ch from hk, 1 sc into next ch st, 1 dc into each of the next 5 ch sts, 1 sc into next ch st, (working over yarn tail) 2 sl st into last ch st, (working on opp.

To convert stitches go to my Crochet Stitch Conversion Chart. = opposite sc = single crochet sl st = slip stitch st/s = stitch/es unused loop = loop underneath a stitch Basic Crochet Stitch Video Tutorials Written Instructions ch 10.

And don’t for a moment thing that low-fat means low taste.

This is – our diet menu has turkey and chocolate mousse, and STILL manages to be good for you.And no one will guess you’re on a budget if you serve up these splendours: Clever tricks like using a shoulder ham instead of leg ham will save you a mint, while still keeping everyone happily stuffed at the Christmas table.Well, maybe not so happily in the case of the turkey and the chook …Repeat for each side so you get your cube (image 8). In my case 3,5 inches x 4 0,4×2 for the seams = 14,8 inches. In my case 3,5 inches 0,4×2 for the seams = 4,3 inches.Add a row of single crochet to the top of your cube to give it a bit more structure. For the handles, insert your hook in the 3 stitch from the last of the granny square, single crochet in the last stitch, turn around and work another row of single crochets in the 30 stitches. Cut a strip of fabric of 14,8 by 4,3 inches (in my case).Place the granny square that will be the “bottom” of your cube against another one that will be one of the “sides” (back against back) and crochet a single crochet with color C in each stitch (image 5). Repeat for each “side” so you will get the bottom with all 4 sides attached (image 6).