The Christian mother of three young children is left trying to pick up the pieces.As Christmas approaches, the mother is faced with having to deal with the bitterness of her young daughter who can't grasp why in her mind her father no longer cares about her; and the father is struggling to find his way back.She wouldn't let her oldest son be swallowed up in drugs, even if it meant snatching him out of the hands of the devil himself.

This full-length (but abbreviated) play deals with a family's struggle with an unsaved father who finally realizes his need for the Savior.

Within the play is the betrayal of Jesus by Judas, Pilate turning him over to the crowd and his resurrection.

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How do two young, single people who like each other just … I blame a very particular age difference — and, improbably, AOL Instant Messenger. As people in our early 30s and late 20s, respectively, those five years don’t like much of an age gap most of the time.

“You stopped Over the following months, we would have this exchange many more times, sometimes in a playful tone and sometimes not.Your church will be touched as it witnesses what many families experience on a daily basis, not just during Christmas.(Father's Day or any day you're looking for a positive male role model).Sterling is a hard working Christian man who loves his wife but finds himself left alone picking up the pieces. We've heard a hundred times that Jesus is soon to return. All Pastor Brown knows is that "we know not the day nor the hour when the Son of Man shall appear, for He shall come as a thief in the night." Only He is not a thief; He will only take what is His.Today, my boyfriend and I are the adults that the ceaseless forward march of innovation dictated we would become: I am a texter (and a constant one), he is a caller (and a when-there’s-a-reason-for-it one).Phone calls, for me, are scheduled events between business associates or people who need to have a Serious Conversation of some sort.It is about a praying mother who refused to give up.