The Borchardt Pistol was originally marketed by the Loewe firm but soon after the weapon was placed on the market, that company absorbed the Deutsche Metallpatronenfabrik of Karlsruhe, forming a company thereafter known as the Deutsche Waffen and Munitionsfabriken of Berlin-Karlsruhe (January 1, 1897). on November 21, and “that it had a great future before it.” The account went on to say that the “exhibitor fired 24 shots in 43? range 110 feet, and all were hits.” The magazine was described as holding “eight cartridges, with nickel jacketed bullets,” and these were “the Luger rimless type.”It is interesting to note that it was Georg Luger and not Hugo Borchardt who brought the pistol to this country for these tests.

After that date all weapons were manufactured at the DWM plant in Berlin, and only ammunition was made at the Karlsruhe subsidiary. Notice that the cartridge is indicated as being of the “LUGER rimless type” which leads us to believe that Georg Luger might have had more to do with the marketing of the pistol than is generally believed. Army also tested the Borchardt, for the Chief of Ordnance ordered a board of officers to meet at Springfield Armory on October 20, 1897 “to make a thorough test of, and report upon, a Borchardt Automatic Pistol Carbine.” This test was not pursued further so it may be assumed that the pistol did not meet with the complete approval of the officers on the board.

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Why has it been accepted as the “best” and what is the story behind its phenomenal success?

To relate the tale from the beginning we must go back to a well known arms designer of his day, Hugo Borchardt, a naturalized American citizen.

The Borchardt Pistol was patented in all of the major countries between 18.

Sometime in 1893 the “Automatic Pistol, Borchardt Patent” was offered for sale on the commercial market to the world at large.

The next we hear of Herr Luger is in the year 1894 when he is once again exhibiting a new weapon before the United States Naval Ordnance Board.

That new design was a semi-automatic pistol named after its creator, Borchardt!

) and several other places..”His first patent, for a bullet grooving machine, was issued on July 21, 1874.

This was followed by a bullet patching machine in 1875, a breech-loading firearm (Sharps-Borchardt) in 1876, a gun sight in 1877, another breechloading firearm, a shirt neck shaper, a magazine; rock driller; wire straightener; recoil magazine pistol (Borchardt Pistol, 1893), and numerous others.

Borchardt was a mechanical genius of some note, for he not only entered the inventing profession at an early age but also developed many diversified types of mechanical devices. Westcott, President and Treasurer of The Sharps Rifle Co.