It isn't useful to Steam Subsystem and isn't really useful in blueprints to begin with as its use is vauge, would rather enforce the actual total destruction of the session instead by making users call Destroy Session as is intended.I feel like that node suffers from overexposing the back end to blueprints.I have had several requests for supporting the authentication system for steam and wanted to be up front about it in here.

02/25/2017 Fixed a bug where the new All Servers secondary search was adding in the first results a second time instead of adding in the second results.

Also made the secondary search Steam subsystem exclusive, as it is the only one that uses two seperate server lists.

Could also be used for storing the string representation of a Unique Net ID and later converting back to retrieve information about them.

Advanced Steam Workshop Get Num Subscribed Workshop Items - Returns how many workshop items the user is subscribed to for this App ID Get Subscribed Workshop Items - Returns how many items and an array of workshop item IDs for workshop item the user is subscribed to.

I saw a lot of "I want custom server names with blueprints", "How can I get network client player names in blueprints" in the answer hub.

I fully expect it to expand significantly as I require new functions for my own use, and I am willing to add to it if anyone has requests as well.

Just thought I would give a heads up, but also mention that the guys working on the UWorks plugin in engine are basically doing the total overhaul approach which is what the engine really needs.

And that when they eventually get their subsystem implementation up and running so that it meets the standard workflow for the engine that people should seriously consider the price being worth it.

You can still package and run on another platform that isn't steam without doing this, this just gives the option of not having steam included in packaging / compilation at all.

02/27/2017 Marking End Session as deprecated It is not only not really useful in blueprints, but people have also been using it wrong.

Unchecking the Advanced Steam Sessions plugin should allow for totally removing any steam reliance from the plugin.