I doubt that Alona will do the same, as she’s been away for so long, she’s older than Kateryna and she has just given birth.

Bondarenkos have another tennis-playing sister, Victoria, and make sure to click here to see their childhood photo together.

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This orchestra for many years gave a lot of concerts with Eugen Doga’s music everywhere, throughout the Soviet Union" – Mikhail Murzak. Equally important for Eugen Doga during his whole life was his public work.

Philharmonic Director of Chișinău (1972–1988 years). In 1987–1991 he was a member of the Committee on Lenin and State Prizes of the USSR.

He worked with me every morning from to , before lectures, for two and a half years.

He taught me not only to play the cello, but simply to be a decent human being.

I sure do, since she was a young star rocking tennis courts at the time I started writing this blog (in the looks department as well!

), but in July 2010 she got married to her coach Nikolay Dyachok and little has been known about her ever since.

He still has the fondest memories of his cello teacher Pablo Giovanni Baccini, who with his personal example greatly influenced the future destiny of the composer.

"My second teacher, an old man by the name of Pavel Ivanovich Bachinin, became my salvation. He scheduled my first lesson at 6 o'clock in the morning.

Throughout the creative activities of Eugen Doga conducts awareness-raising concerts, charity concerts, "Family is the home port, which any ship is seeking for, wherever it is. Our, artists’, distances are incommensurable, but I am glad to have my wife, daughter and grandson waiting for me".