Apparently, on a trip to Kenya (during which Nick stayed home) she realized that she needed to go it alone. Now before you go off on me, I realize that there are probably disfigured and maimed children that might need work like that.

I guess she didn’t find Nick Lachey charitable enough. So of course the charity is above board, but think about the mindset of Idiot Jessica Simpson when she picks THAT charity above any other to work for!

' Jessica shared an Instagram snap of herself showcasing the baubles with the caption: 'Just me and a bunch of my sparkly best friends cruising to the globes.'A hilarious Twitter video was also shared of the couple on the way to the Globes as they rocked out to his new single Filthy.

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As it stood, she went with her hairdresser and father Joe Simpson, where I’m sure that piece of work took the time to really lambast Nick Lachey.

Because I think that I can say with a high degree of accuracy that the puppeteer in that creepy little drama was none other than Joe Simpson.

My point is: we all saw that horrible reality show that you starred in with Lachey, Jessica. If anyone dumped anyone, he dumped you you giant loser you!

Here’s my advice: dump your creepy leech of a father, cut your hair short, roll up your sleeves, and really freaking go to Africa! How about you sacrifice a million or two and save a village or twenty from starvation?

Justin sang along to the song as he repeatedly put the camera on his wife dancing in the backseat.

At one point, Jessica took over the vocals, singing into the camera as she waved her hands over her head.

And sure in that blonde bimbo’s mind she’s probably Mother Teresa, but you know what she went to Kenya for? An organization that provides reconstructive facial surgery! Like how shallow do you have to be, to go and hand out gifts to children and put your time in with this organization when there are Maybe we can now understand why Nick Lachey chose not to go with that idiot on her “trip of charity”.

Maybe he didn’t want to be labeled the shallow idiot that Jessica Simpson is for going on a trip to save children via cosmetic surgery!

magazine earlier this week about her breakup with Lachey.

It turns out that the reason she got divorced it’s because she was TOO charitable and he wasn’t charitable enough.

Jessica oozed glamour in an ethereal strapless couture gown as she and her husband of five years shared a sweet moment on the red carpet.