The semaphore option is NOT working for kaby lake CPUs and won't enable even if you set the option to 1.

If using "late start" KMS (the default) and the screen goes blank when loading modules, it may help to add to the initramfs or using a special kernel parameter.

Linux-nvme — Mainline linux kernel patched with Andy's patch for NVME power saving APST. This parameter has to be set on the kernel command line.

But there might be video issues left for this model.

Please help by contributing any feedback about similar issues you might have experience(d) to this bugreport ( For the HD 620 graphics card the following modules are working: (see Intel graphics#Module-based Powersaving Options) The first argument is to enable modesetting if it's not set by default.

As of kernel 4.12, Hu C is loaded if Gu C is enabled.

One can check with 'cat /sys/kernel/debug/dri/0/i915_huc_load_status' and 'cat /sys/kernel/debug/dri/0/i915_guc_load_status'.

Panel Self Refresh (PSR) is working for e DP 1.3 and up and does stop the creation of new frames when the screen content is static to save energy.

If you experience problems with PSR try to set 'disable_power_well=0' or disable otherwise.

If the power states are enabled there should be values for ITPT and ITPS in the first entries.

Also the ITPS-value of the last filled entry should be the highest power saving-state of the SSD (which can be viewed using kernel.

Consult Intel graphics#Blank screen during boot, when "Loading modules" for more information about the kernel parameter way and have a look at Kernel mode setting#Early KMS start for a guide on how to setup the modules for the initramfs.

The Killer 1535 Wirless Adapter is functional and the ath10k firmware is included in recent linux kernel versions.

There is only minor hardware differences between them, mostly in regards to the mainboard microchip manufacturers.