On December 11, 2017, Bossip speculated that Victor Oladipo’s girlfriend is Bria Myles.She also called him Bae on social media on December 9, 2017. However, Victor has not confirmed any…Paul George’s girlfriend history consists of three beautiful and dynamic young women. I also demonstrate how prior religious orientations directed participation in the counterculture. Abstract: Results from a study of 1,093 adolescents (aged 13-20 yrs) do not support the argument that property crimes, crimes against persons, and use of alcohol and other drugs are behavior manifestations of an interrelated constellation or syndrome of delinquency. "Religious Influences on Child and Adolescent Development." in Handbook of Child and Adolescent Psychiatry Vol. The work concludes with a constructive theological account of human personhood based upon the interviews with girls and their dialogue with feminist theologies, as well as the alternative background theories proposed for construing subjectivity. It is therefore useful to determine what contribution the church has made in shaping perceptions of the church among African American youth today and for tomorrow. "Network Associations and Missionary Service Decisions of Members of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints." M. Research questions considered network associates' levels of religious involvement as defined by Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saint participation (membership, temple service, and missionary service) and the subjects' choice to serve a full-time mission controlling for gender. Abstract: As part of a ten-year longitudinal study on youth retention in the church, 755 young adults with Seventh-day Adventist backgrounds were surveyed to explore factors that relate to social attachment to the religious community. It was revealed through the use of MANCOVA procedures that, in both studies, identity diffusion was associated with the extrinsic religious orientation. "Relationship between Personal Prayer and School-Related Attitudes among 11-16-Year-Old Girls."Psychological Reports vol. Ss completed 6 semantic differential scales of attitudes toward school and toward lessons concerned with English, music, religion, mathematics, and sports, together with information about paternal employment and their personal practice of prayer. Church schools providing aspects of Christianity mothers want for their children are popular, but more specific Christian teaching can lead to fears of indoctrination. The study included content analysis of interviews, documents, observations, and a questionnaire of students.

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Grounding the study in Sallie Mc Fague's model of God as parent, the project employs David Heller's methodology to investigate each child's image of God in a two-hour interview, finding several common themes: sexual identity, female identity development, separation and inequality, intimacy, creation, comforter, authority, and dynamic action. I integrate insights from studies of baby boomer religion with more general theories of religious commitment, merging theories of the dual nature of social structures with rational choice perspectives on religious behavior. Both religion and education also have the potential to function as emancipatory discourses in relation to women's subjectivity. Traditionalism all but disappeared, while the secular new leftism remained constant. "An Examination of the Adolescent African American Male's Attitude Towards the Church and Pastoral Response." Thesis, Andover Newton Theological School. "Identity Formation and Religious Orientation among High School Students from the United States and Canada." Journal of Adolescence vol. Study 1 was conducted among 38 Mormon and 47 non-Mormon high school students living in a predominantly Mormon Utah community. Abstract: A sample of 191 11-15-year-old adolescents completed the short form of the Junior Eysenck Personality Questionnaire together with indices of private prayer and public worship habits. "The Meaning of God for Children and Adolescents--a Phenomenographic Study of Drawings." British Journal of Religious Education vol. (2) The increased ability to empathize with others is correlated with an enhanced spiritual consciousness. Abstract: Examined the effect of religious socialization on gender differences in beliefs, attitudes, and practice with 38 children followed from age 10 to 17 yrs old and their families. The Gospel According to Generation X--the Culture of Adolescent Faith. The purposes of this study were to ascertain the conceptions of science and religion held by middle adolescent youth, to determine the sources of their conceptions, to determine whether there were major anomalies between science and religion in the minds of the students, and to see how these concepts of science and religion fostered or hindered the use of critical thinking skills.

Future directions for quantitative and qualitative research on African American religious and spiritual life are suggested. This finding supports the utility of a multi-dimensional approach to assessing the religious orientation construct and exposes limitations of the conventional four-fold classification system which utilizes only the intrinsic and extrinsic dimensions. Abstract: This project analyzes and compares the God-images of three children, each distinguished by a different parental figure: intact, blended, and single parent. Social ties and life course events influence religious beliefs and rates of participation yet these ties and transitions often support traditional religious expressions. As a discursive social practice embodying cultural norms and values, education like religion can function negatively, contributing to the production of problematic subject positions for women. The dominant ideology shifted from a religiously oriented fundamentalism to a secularly oriented political correctness. Abstract: Two studies were conducted to examine the relations between Marcia's four identity statuses and Allport and Ross' four religious orientations. Nevertheless, the following conclusions have been advanced for further research: (1) Participation in a Christian youth workcamp experience can promote psychosocial maturity by contributing to increased self-reliance and self-esteem, a greater ability to empathize with others, a stronger appreciation for community, greater concern for the needs of others, and a greater commitment to serving others. 160-168 in The Candles Are Still Burning : Directions in Sacrament and Spirituality, edited by M. Findings suggest that adolescents formed attitudes about ID that facilitated the filtering and selection of desirable partners. This is thought to threaten the survival of needed democratic values and skills, abilities needed by the rising generation of American youth.

However, traditional socialization factors have a dominant influence on future religious beliefs and participation. In addition, whereas the hypothesized theoretical model does explain considerable variation in frequency of alcohol use and of criminal behavior (22% and 24%, respectively), it does not account for much variance in drug use (6%). "A Test of a Model with Reciprocal Effects between Religiosity and Various Forms of Delinquency Using 2-Stage Least Squares Regression." Journal of Social Service Research vol. It was observed that the model explained significantly more variance in some of these forms of delinquency than in others, indicating only equivocal support for the deviance syndrome argument in the literature. Findings included a relationship between missionary and non-missionary adult males in regard to their associates' LDS Church membership and temple attendance. A reliable Social Attachment Scale was constructed from six items measuring commitment to Jesus, religious faith, the local congregation, and the denomination as well as frequency of attendance at worship services. The indiscriminate proreligious scored significantly higher on identity achievement than those classified as extrinsic or nonreligious in Study 2. Mothers' central values of individualism, autonomy, and freedom mitigate against commitment to any Christian denomination and lead them to abhor any attempt to influence their own or their children's religiosity above the normal level. The data were analyzed using feminist critical theory from the perspective of a Baha'i earth science teacher.

My analyses show that traditional socialization agents, life course factors, and countercultural participation all play a role in directing future religious orientations and commitments. "An Examination of a Reciprocal Relationship between Religiosity and Different Forms of Delinquency within a Theoretical Model." Journal of Research in Crime and Delinquency vol. A factor analysis clearly shows that the various forms of delinquency studied load on three distinct factors. Abstract: This was a study of 1,093 9th-12th graders from 6 different public high schools, where the same integrated theoretical model of control and social learning theories fit the data on alcohol use, heavy alcohol consumption, use of marijuana, criminal behavior, sexual exploration, and suicidal thoughts. The project investigates responses of churches and clergy to the growing number of single-parent families and the tensions between adolescent males and the church in the inner city. Thirteen males and fourteen females were interviewed. "Social Attachment to the Seventh-Day Adventist Church among Young Adults." Review of Religious Research vol. The sample was distributed throughout the United States and Canada. "'' Shopping'' for the Future: Culture Change, Border Crossings, and Identity Options of Jewish Teenagers from the Cis." Ethos vol. The indiscriminate proreligious scored significantly higher on foreclosure than the intrinsic and nonreligious groups, and the extrinsic scored significantly higher on moratorium than the intrinsic and nonreligious groups in Study 1. The relationship between personal prayer and attitude toward school after controlling for age and social class was positive. Girls had more positive attitudes toward religion and higher levels of belief than did boys, just as Ss' mothers were more interested in religion than their fathers and more likely to attend a church. "Teenage Religion and Values." Irish Journal of Psychology vol. Also interviewed were parents, ministers, teachers and a school administrator.

"A Relational Framework for the Study of Religiosity and Spirituality in the Lives of African Americans." Journal of Community Psychology vol. However, within psychology, research on African American religiosity and spirituality has proceeded without benefit of a conceptual framework. Significant differences were found between subgroups on all criteria except gender and social desirability. After surveying theories of adolescence, I propose alternative background theories from the works of Michel Foucault, Pierre Bourdieu, Drucilla Cornell, and themes from feminist theologians as alternative perspectives on human personhood highlighting the productive power of discourse and social practices in constructing subjectivities. "Recovering the Signifier: New Jack Mormons." Dialogue vol. The findings from this study suggest that: (a) a significant statistical relationship exists between adolescent religiosity and difficulties encountered in the adolescent coming-out process, and also between adolescent and adult religiosity; and (b) no statistically significant relationship exists between adolescent religiosity and difficulties experienced in achieving a affirmative adult gay life style, between adolescent and adult sexual identity processes, nor between the adolescent coming-out process and adult religiosity. Abstract: Draws on 1983-1994 questionnaire data from 2,070 first-year sociology students ("Generation X" & "Bust Generation" members) at the U of Prince Edward Island (Charlottetown) to assess changes in students' values & attitudes. Clear gender differences surface regarding factors of greatest spiritual influence. Data was gathered through the following methods: (1) a time sequenced series of four semi-structured interviews conducted individually with each of the thirty-four subjects; (2) participant-observation during the total experience at each of the three workcamps, including church based experience conducted before and after; and (3) collection and analysis of relevant documents. Adult women from the conservative church also evidenced a regaining of their voices and yet perceived this as a weakness. Results show that the Jewish majority and minority context was a crucial factor in adolescent ID relationships.