I received a e mail from them offering 3 days i signed up ,no free 3 days.So i presume they are offering 3 days free as part of the free subscription which is always on site and open to anyone.(can they offer something like that). Just wondering if u had a e mail address or tel no (I think for Darren).For your information, their contact details are as follows: DATING DIRECT.

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Can you advise which of the two addresses is the one I should complain to London or Birmingham.

Tricia I have also suffered from having 19.99 taken out from my account without my specific consent for a number of months after signing for only one month.

To do this, go to the website and click on the ‘Help’ link at the bottom of the page. They would prefer to keep taking your money than to process your demand to stop.

Scroll down, past the topics for the frequently asked questions, and click on the link (which is cunningly pale so you won't notice it, I guss) that says ‘Didn’t find the answer to your question? If you want to contact trading standards concerning Dating Direct you may contact the relevant branch here: City of Westminster 5th Floor Westminster City Hall 64 Victoria Street London SW1E 6QP t: (020) 7641 1111 f: 020 7641 1702 e: [email protected] w: If this happens too often, the card company providing merchant services will take a keen interest and may withdraw their services, so it is in any company's interest to avoid charge backs.

I have registered for a period of one month with the above-mentioned organisation in May of this year.

The sum of £24.99 was debitted from my account on 10th May, which sum, I understand, was applicable for one month only.

i have tried so hard to contact a company called dating direct.

i have tried to get in touch with them because i do not know how many times they have taken my subscription.

However, this has yet another item to click on to confirm the said cancellation!!!! What is more I am unable to receive any acknowledgement or comeback when I have clicked on this email.