Her first director, at the helm of the March 8 installment, "Passage to Fort Doom", was veteran actor Paul Henreid.Having received a positive reaction to Mc Bain's initial performances, the studio realized it had a potential star under contract.

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She was given a prominent ingenue role in her first feature, Ice Palace.

The filmed-on-location Technicolor epic was released on January 2, 1960, to mixed reviews, but Mc Bain's notices were generally favorable.

She was featured in the horror film Wicked, Wicked (1973), in yet another bad girl role.

She remained active through the 1990s and into the new millennium, playing such character roles as a grandmother on Sabrina, the Teenage Witch, and appearing in such films as Puppet Master 5: The Final Chapter (1994) and The Broken Hearts Club: A Romantic Comedy (2000).

Eight days later, she was in Bourbon Street Beat and the following day on Sugarfoot.

Another episode of Bourbon Street Beat followed two weeks later, on March 28, and still another 77 Sunset Strip on May 6.

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To open it, I had to roll down the window and grab the handle from the outside. That’s when one of them put his fingers in my eyes. They were medium height—I’m 5’7″, and they weren’t much taller. I kept saying, “I don’t think you want to do this.” Ultimately, I believe, that’s how I got out of the situation. In the middle of all that, one of them asked me what I did for a living. People have since asked me if my television role as a madam had anything to do with my being raped.

So I was vulnerable when two men suddenly ran into the garage. I knew they weren’t, but I couldn’t lock the car door, and there was nowhere to run. I was struggling, trying to get free, when the other man closed the garage door. Both were in their 20s, with trimmed mustaches, fairly nice clothes and very new shoes. Obviously not, since those two didn’t know my occupation. They took my panty hose and wrapped them around my throat and mouth, all the time saying, “You’re lucky we’re not going to kill you.” After they left, I could barely breathe.

In 1982, Mc Bain was accosted and raped by two men in West Hollywood, and began a second career as a rape victim counselor.