Beadle and Punk had been acquainted long before Lee’s relationship with Punk began.

According to the website, WWE’s social media manager was supposedly asked to wipe his plate clean following a meal in catering.

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However, the WWE insider says that Lita’s enshrinement would not have happened had Punk not bolted from WWE weeks earlier.

It would have been even more uncomfortable for Lita,” Mets Fan4Ever said – WWE’s official announcement was made exactly two weeks after Punk informed Vince Mc Mahon he was “going home.” This romance triangle has also been a source of comedy within the sports-entertainment organization.

News of AJ’s marriage to Punk was immediately broken on by this former backstage worker, Mets Fan4Ever, a verified WWE insider who has produced evidence of his past ties to the Stamford, Connecticut-based wrestling organization.

After breaking news of their wedding, he revealed that Punk courted AJ while he was dating Lita.

They split up a few months after the event, Punk began dating AJ, and now they’re husband and wife.

A lot went down at the arena.” On April 5, 2014, Lita took her rightful place in the WWE Hall of Fame (alongside fellow inductees Ultimate Warrior, Razor Ramon, Jake “The Snake” Roberts, Carlos Colon and Mr.

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It’s very complicated, but in that issue, Vince was savvy way beyond those underneath him and saw what would happen long-term and made the big picture smart call.

In fact, Lita was Punk’s girlfriend from 2012 to 2013 and even his date to the 2013 WWE Hall of Fame Induction Ceremony.

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