The EP also teased Sunday’s finale, its role in setting up the final two seasons and whether Damien Lewis’ Nicholas Brody could return to DEADLINE: You guys are keeping your finale under tighter lock and key than most classified information in real-life Washington nowadays.

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With two final seasons left in the Emmy-winning series based on the Israeli show back on U. soil for the first time in many years and Danes’ Carrie Mathison no longer formally connected with a CIA and “permanent government” that seems intent on taking down President-elect Elizabeth Keane, it is pretty clear the series intends to go out large this weekend.

Part of that finale will have to focus on Rupert Friend’s performance as damaged assassin Peter Quinn, who was essentially left for dead last season; Mandy Patinkin’s ex-acting CIA director and potential scapegoat Saul Berenson; and the scheming and ruthless agency official Dar Adal, played by F. Under the umbrella of all that, Gansa chatted with me about Emmy hopes for Friend, revamping the series for the Presidency of Donald Trump, and what was deliberately left out of Season 6.

In a lot of ways she was much more naïve and innocent in that period of her life, and I think she’s really matured into a woman now.

There was something a little girlish about Carrie in the first couple of seasons and she really has become a young woman.

DEADLINE: In Season 5, you guys were filming a potential terror attack in Berlin as a real-life one had tragically occurred just days before in Paris on November 15, 2015.

Filled with a President-elect fighting the intelligence establishment, the Deep State, fake news and online misinformation campaigns, GANSA: I think the show holds a very particular place right now on television, in as much as we are one of the few shows that gets to comment in a more-or-less contemporaneous way on events that are actually happening.Now it looks like they may try to kill her in an attempt to change her policies.So that story is coming to a head and will be resolved one way or another in the finale. A man who has served as the moral conscience of the CIA in our storyline — in what way does he come to terms with his own agency and its checkered past and its current troubles? That also will play a big part in this last many ways and has worked his way to the heart of the series — even more so after he was destined to die last season after being gassed in Berlin. We originally thought he wouldn’t survive Season 1, and then we didn’t think he would survive Season 2.In fact, he has eclipsed Damien Lewis’ Brody for having, after Saul, the longest relationship or friendship Claire’s Carrie has had on the series. Ultimately he didn’t survive Season 3, so we wanted to bring in somebody early on in Brody’s arc that could replace him once he was gone.That is, Seasons 7 and 8, which we hope to tell as one story, and the finale of this season really hopefully tease that up.