Look at the classical Roman busts of their statesmen - showing every skin fold, every ounce of experience in their faces and every world weary crinkle around their eyes.

The sculpting of this very beautiful woman is of the same quality.

Possibly not news, or even needed for many of the avid collectors on this site, but could be useful for those less familiar with the 'Sold out' editions sold by Yamato USA.

Please forgive the photography, it was done under bright CF light, which seems to totally confuse my camera.

Then take the balloon with your hands and stretch it a little.

Afterwards inflate it real firm, either by using your lungs or a pump, that doesn´t matter.

His athletic warriors are not overburdened by unrealistic muscles or an over-endowed upper body trying to emulate some over-inflated Helium balloon fetish.

I have to confess, I think his depiction of warrior women is superior to both Julie Bell & Boris Vallejo, both of whom I have considered to be the top ranking fantasy figure artist at one time or other.Otherwise there would be no tip needed to extend the lifetime of a balloon, because it would be gone already.So, you checked your room and are willing to start now.Roll on over a year, and the company I work for gave all its employees a bonus.After giving an equal share to myself, my wife & kids, I had a small pot of money for 'Luxuries that wouldn't otherwise be bought', and a beautiful but luxurious statue was at the top of the list. The 2500 of the second edition had sold out, and the only ones available were at quite a premium. This statue is a second hand member of the numbered first edition.The figure is complete to her fingernails, eyelids and ear lobes.