“I had someone come up to me recently who said ‘I don’t want to bother you but I’d just like to thank you for making my youth great’. We can be playing a summer festival and people will still insist we play it so there’s a pretty good chance the red Santa hats will be out when we come to Manchester.

What a great compliment.” With a show so close to Christmas it is inevitable THAT song crops up. “But it’s not all about the Christmas song, we did have one or two other hits you know. I might not quite be wearing platform shoes these days as I might not be able to walk in them, but I still move around a lot!

I should have massive amounts of frequent flier miles but I’m horrible with keeping track of that stuff.

Todd Barry (this is the celebrity namedropping portion of this interview) is always schooling me on how to find out what airlines are part of an “alliance” or whatever so I can really cash in, but I’m too slow to follow it. As for a favorite airline, any airline that’s not US–based tends to be pretty enjoyable, as they seem really open to the idea of keeping me drunk at no additional cost to me or my loved ones if that’s my angle on a particular flight.

According to your twitter accounting, it seems that no matter where you are or what time of day it is, chances are pretty good that you'll be having sex or partying hard.

Do you have any advice for the rest of us on how to achieve similar goals? At any given point of the day, I’m either just about to do some boning or am just hosing off after a serious session.

Adult language warning: Hill is a very uninhibited fellow and some of the words that he uses probably should not be shared with impressionable family members. Either way, I’m getting some cash, and I’m told the hotel is right there in the heart of it, so I really can’t lose on this one, I figure.

Hill: Against all odds, I’ve been asked to speak at a school in Copenhagen, or at least that’s what they told me I’m doing.

Slade confirmed the incident on their official band website, where they also revealed the cancellation of tour dates for the next two months.

The statement read: "Unfortunately, shows due to take place in January and February 2017 have had to be cancelled.

I’m easily entertained, so I’m almost never bored while traveling.