It is your responsibility to make prior arrangements with each organization where you wish to volunteer and to ask if they are able to meet your documentation requirements.An organization has every right to fire you / let you go as a volunteer, no matter how urgently you need to complete your community service.

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Again, the service means actions, activity, engagement -- doing something that needs to be done and that helps the community or a cause.

Therefore, your mandated community service will need to be done at a registered nonprofit organization or through a government agency, and it will have to be approved by the court or your probation officer or school before you begin it.

Volunteering for an organization promoting a cause that is considered political may or may not be allowed.

Volunteering with a nonprofit that advocates for foreign languages to be taught in schools might be allowed while volunteering for a political party may not be.

These companies are unethical at best and illegal at worst (at least one person has been arrested and convicted for running such a scam).

What to Say When You Contact an Organization When you contact an organization to inquire about service hours, don't say immediately, "I have to have so many hours of community service." Say, instead, "I want to volunteer with your organization and want to know how I can get started right away." That is not lying - you will tell the organization about your community service obligation at a far more appropriate time.Do not pay any organization that says it is a nonprofit but is not listed at Guidestar.Do not pay any organization that posts ads on Craigslist saying they can help you get documentation for court-ordered community service.This is advice to help you get started as quickly as possible and have you finished as soon as possible.This advice also might help you turn this experience from a "have to" into a "want to", into something that will benefit YOU.Check with your probation officer, your court liaison, a teacher at your school, or whomever has assigned you with community service to make sure your service is going to be accepted before you begin working with such an organization.