The Peterborough factory closed in the 1980s when the Westclox north American factories also shut down in favour of offshore locations where labour costs were lower. The models Baby Ben (smaller size), Pocket Ben (watch), and Wrist Ben followed just a few years later.

Originally started by Charles Stahlberg as the United Clock Company, the Western Clock Manufacturing Company (later simply Westclox) was primarily a producer of small clocks, including wind-up alarm clocks.

Thus, this style of key was used for about 35 years! The earlier ones have a round bottom, later changed to a flattened bottom.

The first Westclox factory outside the United States was set up in Peterborough, Ontario in an empty building in 1920.

By 1923 a new factory was ready, and additions were put on regularly up to the 1950s as business continued to expand. around 1908 for their large nickel-plated, spring-driven "tin can" alarm clocks.

Westclox began producing pocket watches around the turn of the 19th century.

They also produced small, decorative "handbag watches" which were designed to be carried in a woman's purse.

A brief description with a picture or two of each clock.

As I restore more models, I intend to build a decent picture base of them; there are no websites that show off the beauty of these old American clocks; most have tiny or grainy pictures.

Baby Ben alarm clocks started using the closed key in 1920.

"American Modern, 1925–1940: Design for a New Age," May 16, 2000–January 7, extended to February 4, 2001, unnumbered cat.

The company produced thousands of lower-grade watches including many pin-pallet "dollar-style" watches.