After dinner, the rest of the evening would be about things done behind closed doors.

Unfortunately, it is a fact that the emphasis of the day’s celebration seems to be placed more on making the woman feel special, instead of each other.

What should really matter the most though is knowing that you know how much you are loved by that special someone. Back to my perfect day or evening: I like the idea of creating our own romantic dinner at home.

I see us both preparing our special dishes for each other.

My man would know before he leaves the house how special he is to me.

During the day, spontaneous and occasional flirty messages, giving him subliminal hints of what is in store for our evening, would add to what’s to come.

Even though for some, it is the little things that count, there are others that would be distraught if the day is not filled with all the trimmings.

Which ever way it goes, it is important to note that this day should be equally special for both of you.It should be a day to focus on each other, it should be about giving and receiving, not necessarily material things as there are so many ways to let your special someone know how much they mean to you.Whatever happens, remember that not everyone is in a position to shower each other with expensive gifts.A man who knows his way around the kitchen is very, very sexy.Most of my male friends shared that they feel more appreciated and think it is sexy if their woman would whip up their favorite meal, whether it is at his/her house, as opposed to dining out.It was the first time we’d rowed and I was shaken by the intensity of her anger.