It’s valuable to the service to have customers who subscribe for a long time, so they make it valuable to you to refer leads that subscribe for a long time.You can make immediate money by referring a bunch of people who will subscribe for one month and quit, but that doesn’t earn you anything over time.There’s enough competition that you can’t just rest on your laurels, you need to keep putting work into your content, your offers, your ads, and your sales funnel.

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This will give you some idea of competition, as well as an indication of how much less you might be getting paid for the offer on one site compared to another. Typically, these offers will be subscription products or services, like educational courses, diet planning books, magazine subscriptions, and the like.

Clickbank – This network pays some of the highest up-front commissions available in the industry, because they want to attract marketers who are really willing to work for them.

You don’t have to worry about a bad week cutting off your income for a month; you can make use of the extra flexibility offered by a steady income to experiment more with wilder strategies.

The focus of this post is on a list, which as you might have guessed from the title and the introduction, is going to be geared towards affiliate networks and businesses that have offers with recurring payments.

Click2Sell – Despite the EU url, this site is available to global affiliates.

They also offer extremely high commissions on many of their offers, though you will find that some of the highest paying offers are virtually impossible to sell, due to competition and narrow niches.

Recurring offers pay on registration, but they also often pay each month as the user continues a subscription.

That’s the primary difference; when recurring offers, you’re typically selling a subscription service.

Unfortunately, this is mostly data you can only get from testing and monitoring how well residuals perform.

For that reason, I suggest running a mixture of both residual and one-time payments for the first few months of your affiliate journey.

If you’re successful enough with referring long-term subscribers, you can eventually end up making more per month just on residuals than you do on new subscribers.