1880 British Crown transferred many of the Arctic Islands to Canada. (Parker 19) 1880 The Indian Affairs Department was established. Jimmie Ekomiak Fleming was a fiddler and he taught his sons Charlie and Thomas. 1887-1905 Frederick Haultain, a Conservative, was premier of the Northwest Territories. Haultain was born in England and came to Canada when he was three.

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As I track Speechless statistics I noticed a growing interest in content collected as background to my graduate studies on the role of memory work and the historical and ethical components of stories told about Inuit, that I had uploaded to Web 2.0 sites through the Creative Commons License 3.0.

I will slowly update and maintain if interest continues. 7000 BC Dogsleds used by Palaeo-Eskimo in northern Siberia?

1884 Reverend Peck established a mission at Fort Chimo, Kuujuak, to help Reverend Sam Stewart who established the second mission in Inuit territory. There was an ethnographic exhibit including “Esquimaux snapping whips and in their kayaks…” 1896? 1900 Scottish mine owners open a mica and graphite mine near Lake Harbour and employed Inuit miners.

Reverend Edmund Peck introduced syllabics as a written form of Inuktitut. 1901 Film clip of Inuit games and dogsleds performing at the Buffalo Exposition.

Watkins noted in his diary of June 19, 1856, that an Inuit youth from Little Whale River wanted to learn syllabics very much so he worked with Watkins. This may be the first paper written on Inuit art., London, Department of Ethnography in the British Museum. Pangnirtung has a long history associated with Scottish and American whaling. Whaling had become became the largest industry in North America, with 20,000 American seamen out in a single whale-hunting from “… Two of the best-known native assistants were Luke Kidlapik and Joseph Pudloo.

Horden in Moose Factory and Watkins collaborated on producing some Bible selections in Inuktitut. 1861 Edward Belcher wrote an paper entitled ‘On the manufacture of works of art by the Esquimaux’ which is archived in the Department of Ethnography in the British Museum in London. As a boy Joseph Pudloo had learned syllabics in Reverend Fleming’ s senior class in Lake Harbour.

1670 Hudson’s Bay Company newly formed is granted trade rights over all territory draining into Hudson Bay. 1749 The first trading was established at Richmond Gulf. (Hessel 19) 1750s Moravian missionaries arrived in Labrador.

(Hessell 1998:8) 1771 Moravian missionaries settled in Nain in northern Labrador heralding the beginning of the Historic Period. ) remained behind when the whaling ship left the north.

1882 An Anglican mission was established in Kujjuarapik in 1882 and a Catholic mission in 1890. The Federal Government held the Advisory Council responsible for governmental expenditures without giving them full control over taxation and financial transfers. The catechist Reverend Fleming traveled thousands of miles with Joseph Pudloo visiting Inuit camps, teaching syllabics along with their missionary work for the Anglican Church Missionary Society.

1883 Regina was named as capital of the Northwest Territories. (Parker 19) 1883-4 Anthropologist Franz Boas, studies Inuit culture, Cumberland Sound, Baffin Island. 1893 Franz Boas’ went to Baffin Island and Northern British Columbia to gather ethnographic material for the 1893 Smithsonian’s World’s Columbian Exposition.

The plates include two early views of Victoria, British Columbia, one of St. Eberstadt 11; Decker-Soliday IV:483; Lande 1408; TPL 4442; Peel 206; Sabin 68006 1873 North-West Mounted Police.