Neighbouring Vlieland has more of a family atmosphere, while Ameland has quaint villages, but explodes with tourists during summer.

Last, but not least, is Schiermonnikoog: small, but also much more quiet.

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Festivals Peace and tranquillity on Terschelling is traded twice a year when the cultural Oeral festival is staged and the rowing boat race take place.

The Oeral Festival is one of the largest cultural events in Holland — and attracts up to 45,000 visitors.

No cars, just bikes; no crowds, but beaches and seals; less Heineken, more "jutters" — jenever from the islands.

Terschelling is not large, only about 32km long and almost 5km wide, but has a large variety of landscapes.

Beware — it gets busy with rowdy and sometimes obnoxious Dutch youngsters during the holiday season, which runs from June to September.

Outside that period it's fairly quite, so you need to book only a few days in advance.They also arrange "wadlopen", a traditional event in these parts, when you walk from the mainland across to the islands at low tide.Only for the mud-loving fitness fanatics — but handy when you miss the boat.If you want to bring your bike you need to take the slow boat, which takes about two hours and provides a great view over the Waddenzee from the top deck.The Koegelwieck fast ferry gets you to Terschelling in 45 minutes.Avid sailors can make the crossing in their own boat and stay overnight at the fully equipped harbour.