Also, moon clips are less bulky and easier to carry than speedloaders for those who don’t mind having a few extra rounds on their person.Other features of the 642 PC are wood grip inserts as well as polished trigger, cylinder flutes, thumb piece and side screws.At The Range Shooting a five-shot 25-yard group off of a rest with a gun like this is senseless.

I thought I’d give the Performance Center’s slicked-up trigger a chance at it. There will always be a few discriminating gun owners looking for improvements to already good stuff. S&W has taken a proven design and greatly enhanced it.

The result is an advantage to the end user in a pocket gun that is easier to shoot effectively, easier to manage during recoil and extracts that long .38 Special brass consistently. I have a feeling this pretty pocket gun will soon be seeing some serious holster wear.

For the sake of concealability, the stocks are tiny and even the rubber ones are hard on larger hands like mine when firing P loads.

Another negative of small .38 Special revolvers is occasionally sticky extraction of spent brass.

The revolver’s made of several materials including steel, aluminum and polymer.

Yet every surface of the gun screams “plastic” (even if it isn’t).

So, in a head-to-head comparison of the 9 msrp BODYGUARD 38 and a laser-equipped 442, the BODYGUARD works out to be two ounces lighter and cheaper.

The BODYGUARD 380 is about 20 percent lighter than the BODYGUARD 38.

There are a lot of nifty little auto pistols on the market today, but none of them come out of the front pocket quite as readily an internal hammer J-frame. If you want a quality, 15-ounce pocket gun, sacrifices must be made.