DCMW specializes in BMW motorcycle service repairs and performance tuning with 19 years of experience. You can check out my site at and if I can help those fellow riders out there, I'm happy do do so...

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The following are independent BMW motorcycle mechanics that have been recommended, or have asked for a listing. Comments in quotes are from list members, otherwise the comments are what the shop owner says about themselves.

The table is listed by state or Canadian province or, for those outside of the U. If your favorite wrench is not listed, send me the information and I will add them to the directory.

"David's shop always had airheads on the lifts along side more modern beemers - and has an impressive inventory of new and used parts."Certified tech and service manager, formerly of Bob's BMW, San Jose BMW and Santa Cruz BMW. Vast collection of factory special tools and equipment.

Very knowledgeable of 1955-on airheads but equally qualified to work on oilheads, F and K bikes.

Honest, capable, and fair prices for work done."Matt has been riding and working on Airheads since 1972.

Attended Tom Cutter's Butler & Smith Technician Training in the late 70's.

In my experience, whatever a bike is in for - even just an oil change - he inspects every detail of every system and reports his findings." "Independent shop boasting a BMW/Ducati certified Husband/Wife team.

Everything from daily rider maintenance to concours Restos, Specializing in Vintage Airheads.

Repairs and Restoration done to beyond factory specs, and they are a pure joy to know and work with."Specialize in airheads and some newer bikes.