The town was known for its carpenters who were recruited to build many of Japan's most famous structures including the Imperial Palace in Kyoto.The area has wonderfully preserved old architecture and is known for its Spring and Autumn festivals.Melbourne-born Fiona Graham lives a life starkly different to any Australian- working in one of Japan's largest cities as the first Caucasian geisha in the notoriously secretive profession in almost 400 years.

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Its most famous shrine Toshogu, houses the mausoleum of Tokugawa Ieyasu, the man who founded the dynasty of Shoguns who ruled Japan in the Edo-era.

Takayama is an town deep in the Japanese Alps that developed a unique culture due to its relative isolation.

Geisha are always unmarried and are able to have a love affair with whomever they choose, but, in general, it would have to be an above average man to make a geisha fall in love with him.' 'I also lecture in geisha studies at one of Japan's best universities.

I was the first geisha to be employed by a university, and the my classes are the first time geisha culture has been taught at university in Japan,' she said.'This is the kind of modern new development that I think is really positive for the geisha world, and my students say they love the classes.

Collectively, towns also have many of Japan's best castles, temples and shrines.

Small town festivals are often unique and many are energetic beyond belief.

Itsukushima Shrine on the island is amongst the country's top ranked attractions.

The "floating" torii gate of the shrine is an iconic symbol of Japan.

After attending the country's prestigious Keio University, Sayuki went on to study a doctorate in social anthropology at Oxford, where she developed a particular interest in the exclusive geisha world.'As a documentary maker, the thought of making a documentary from the inside of the geisha world was tantalising.

No foreigner has ever become a geisha before so my insight is unique,' Sayuki told Daily Mail Australia.

Kamakura is a beach town an hour south of Tokyo that has an exceptionally turbulent history.