The purpose of this review is to compare the offerings on to what you might find on any of the leading fine diamond jewelry websites.

In order to accomplish this goal, however, I cannot divorce their online operation from their much more well-established bricks & mortar operation of over 1,800 physical locations.

and risk seriously deteriorating the other 96% of their revenue.

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” So after being engaged for 4 days I became ring-less and now have to wait until mid March to get my new ring from Jared.

When we went back on Sunday to Jared that’s when the General Manager informed us that all the Zales are closing.

In the 1950s, they began a major shift in strategy that would forever change the face of the jewelry market in the United States – they moved into indoor shopping malls.

Zales Today Nowadays Zales Corporation owns several jewelry chain store brands.

We’ll sift through thousands of diamonds online and send you suggested stones to choose from that fit your needs the best.

Zales was founded in 1924 by brothers William and Morris Zales in Wichita Falls, Texas.

We told them we didn’t want a ring from there had a huge inclusion and we didn’t want anything from them again.

The sales lady then proceeded to inform me “We weren’t really that concerned about it anyways as we were going to replace it with a Heart shaped pink sapphire.” I said, “NO someone here (the manager) had talked my fianace out of getting the stone stating that it was going to cost another 00.” Needless to say the lady was a little taken back and then the manger ahd the nerce to say to me, “You just didnt’ want the ring.” I said, “your right I don’t want a ring from here!

The system works very well because all the parties benefit.

Win-Win Situations The customer is happy, because he gets a very low price.

I hope you take my experience and stay away from the store and use a reputable jeweler.